I Live in Allouez Wisconsin along with my husband, and three children. A life-long weirdo, I have always had my hands in one art form or another. I finally found my artistic outlet with Photography. I felt like I could finally frame the world the way I see it, and let me tell you, its a beautiful world! 

I use minimal equipment, and have a very simple philosophy, “just take a good picture”, it’s as simple as that. I shoot with a Nikon D3000, a few different Lens’, speed lights  and a assortment of reflectors. I do minimal editing in Lightroom and do not utilize  for photoshop for editing purposes. My personal belief is that  I should be taking quality photos in the first place, and I won’t do anything that couldn’t be done in a darkroom.

In addition to Digital Photography, I shoot in Film and have attempted other more rare forms of Chemical Photography such as "collodion wet plate". My Eventual goal as a Photographer is to be well versed in all forms of Photography, and to share all these forms with my community, and my clients.