Manic Monday: Boudie short!

Hello out there on this Monday! 

The last week has been busy, with shoots, and booking up my Boudoir weekend at the end of September! 

Boudoir is a specialty of mine, and my Boudoir services continue to expand as word spreads! In fact, this Septembers event is nearly booked up, and client demand has allowed me to enlist one of North East Wisconsins leading hair and makeup teams, Vamp artistry! 

So if you have ever had a interest, now is the time to book! And always, feel free to ask me anything, I could talk about Boudoir for days! 

This Mondays blog is more or less an alert about Boudoir weekend, and a reminder to book your appointment while Customer appreciation month is still running! 

I have so much in store this week, and I cannot wait to share the beautiful and diverse photo collections! 

Xo Xo 



Manic Monday: Season Of Change

Hello out there, and welcome to another edition of my Manic Monday series! 

My Manic Monday series is a bit of a catch all of my recent shoots, and allows me to share some aspects of my personal life as well. 

And holy cats, ya'll, I have had some big changes as of late! 

I moved! I moved! And Lord, moving sucks. But its over, and now my Kids and I can proudly proclaim that we are residents of Depere! I snagged a darling 1947 stucco Bungalow overlooking the Fox River. 

Moving was bittersweet, and stressful, but it was a much needed end of one chapter in my life, and the beginning of another one. I look forward to the new beginning for my kids and I, and all the potentially awkward, and terrifying moments that comes with Single Mom-hood, and the perils of running a business, and keeping a home. 

You guys, just look, my house is just darling! 

As if Moving, and starting a new school year, I have been fortunate enough to stay busy with business too! I am not complaining, so hey, keep it coming! And as a quick note, I extended Customer appreciation month until the end of September! 

Last week had me shooting Fall Fashion on location with Apricot Lane Green Bay. We had such a blast, and got to romp around Botanical Gardens, and Hinterland Brewery, both of which were outrageously accomodating to our whole crew! And outside of of Apricot lane, I remain loyal to my clients, and loyal friends, who continue to book me for family shoots, and headshots. 

Its been busy, and I am positively grateful that I am able to surround myself with the wonderful people that have held me, and my business up. Much love to everyone, and without further ado- here are some sneak peaks! 

Xo Xo 


Paul+Dustin; Engagement session

Hello all! On Todays blog, I am featuring an engaged couple, Paul and Dustin, who became both my clients, and people whom I call dear friends! 

I initially met with Paul and Dustin at my home for a wedding consult earlier this year. We hit it off so well, Paul ended up throwing his debit card at me (no joke) and booking me to be their Wedding Photographer on the spot! 

It was easy to become smitten with this power couple, who both exude such compassion, and sincerity in their love for one another. 

Paul and Dustin live on the West side of Green Bay, along with their  Dog-child, Emma. Paul through himself into wedding planning with plenty of time to spare, and has integrated both he and Dustin's interests into every aspect of their wedding. 

Paul, being a lover of all things whimsy, and all things crafty, booked The Wedding ceremony to take place at Heritage Hill. In taking consideration into Dustin's love of Comic books, super heroes, and namely The Green Lantern, Paul found ways to work superhero themes into their wedding day, and into their wedding parties outfit selections. 

When summer came around, we discussed doing engagement Photos at Heritage Hill, which ties in wonderfully to their wedding. But with me on the helm, I suggested we have a 2 part engagement session, and head to Powers comics in Green Bay. Powers Comics is a locally owned comic book store that has been around for over 10 years now, and has been a family favorite for so many different families. 

We made an afternoon out of taking photos, gossiping, and creating memories at Heritage Hill, and Powers. I love the genuine chemistry Paul and Dustin share, and the photos truly speak for themselves! 

 What I cherish even more, is the spirit of adventure Paul and Dustin have! It is such a beautiful thing, when I get to integrate my passion for working with local businesses along with my clients. It was so much fun to make this connection, and I am totally geeking out about how much fun it was to make photos in a comic book store! 

Without further ado, the photos! 

Xo Xo

Wedding Wednesday: Kelly+Sebastian


On todays blog is the Nuptials of Kelly and Sebastian! 

I was so excited when I was asked to capture Kelly and Sebastian special day. Kelly and Sebastian were not just uniting as husband and wife, but they were joining their families as one. This is something very special to my heart, having been raised in a blended family, and because I too have a blended family, and I understand just how special it is to truly be accepted as a whole unit. 

Kelly and Sebastian made sure that from beginning to end, the days festivities centered around their family as a whole, and included their children in every aspect, including walking their parents down the aisle! 

Heartfelt speeches, tons of laughs and the most warm and welcoming extended family and friends I have had the pleasure to meet. 

Secondary to the immense amount of gratitude I felt to be able to capture the days events, was the fact that the wedding took place at Lambeau field! Like, holy cats, should I have prefaced this entire blog with that? 

Well, at any rate- I love my clients, I love my job, and football Season is nigh! Get pumped ya'll! And now I present to you, the photos! 

Xo Xo 


Manic Monday: HOT HOT HOT!

Welcome back for a long overdue Manic Monday blog! 

My Manic Monday blog series is a great way for me to sort of catch up with my audience, and share with ya'll some of the work I have been doing, and share tons of exclusive sneak peaks of all the amazing individuals I have been photographing! 

As I mentioned before, this Blog is long overdue! My Summer has been a whirlwind of some unfortunate personal drama, and even death. I can say with all honesty, that this has been one of the most difficult years of my life; And that if it were not for my family, friends, and my business, I would probably be curled up in a ball outside of The Crisis center! 

In recognition of the wealth and support I have received from my family, friends and, clients, I am hosting my first annual Customer Appreciation Month, all through out August! You'll be able to book everything from family photo sessions, senior sessions, and even Boudoir, for the lowest rates I offer! If you are interested in booking your spot, please message or call me today! 

customer appreciation.jpg


It has been little thing lately that bring me joy, thats the weird thing about going through tough times, it kind of causes you to slow down, and appreciate every moment you got. For instance, I was honored to have been asked to take my dear friend from high-school's family photos. My Oldest Son whom is 12 tagged along on this shoot so he could meet my friend Stephanie and her family. Stephanie's family includes 4 kids, 2 of which she shares with her husband Sebastian, whom is a native of France, along with his 2  who visit from France each summer. I took family photos as I normally do, with the exception of Sebastian acting as translator for his French speaking Daughters. As I wrapped up the shoot and walked to the car with my Son, he looked me dead in the eyes and said, "If those girls don't speak English, how do their parents understand them?"  I looked back at him, waiting for him to realize what he had said, and replied, "Oh My Lord, Preston-Kids don't come out of the womb speaking some random language, honey, they live in France!" 

Preston realized his silly line of questioning, we laughed, and I proceeded to tell everyone I knew about that, and now I am telling you guy! Sorry Preston ;) 

In addition to my family shoots, I have had engagement shoots, and my weekly fashion shoots at Apricot Lane. I have also started the exciting transition into working with small business start-ups. 

My work with so many different people in the community on a individual basis, has led me to recognize how I have the ability to connect clients, to other local business's, and shine a light on how truly special our community is. 

And you guessed it, I have previews of all of it! 

Ya'll have been the Wind beneath my wings, and all that sappy crap. No lie. 

And now, for the photos- 

Xo Xo 


Duket Wedding: Way more, than 2 people uniting.

On today's Wedding Wednesday blog, the Duket wedding! 

When Laura and Billy met 2 years ago, it was a family affair from the very start. Laura has 2 lovely daughters, Rosa (10) and Lexi (7), and Billy has a Son, Tristan (5) from previous relationships. 

Both Laura and Billy, knew from the very start, that they were head-over-heels for not just each-other, but for one another's Children. Deciding to marry, and officially merge their families as one, felt like the most natural transition, as if if it was always meant to be this way. Both Laura and Billy made sure their children were apart of every step of both the wedding planning, and the ceremony itself. 

And so on July 1st, 2017, at Green Bay's always stunning Botanical gardens, two families committed themselves in marriage. 

Without further ado, the photos! 

Xo Xo 


Woller Wedding: Even the Sun aligned

On Today's blog, the Woller Wedding! One, of breathtaking significance, decades in the making. 

When Shelby and Ryan approached me, inquiring about whether or not I was willing to shoot a wedding that was broken up into 2 days, I was immediately interested. Being a story teller of sorts, I am always enthusiastic to shine a light on unique, and heartwarming stories to share with the world. 

Shelby and Ryan's wedding would take place on Tuesday, June 20th, at Pamperin Park. Their Wedding reception, would follow on Saturday, June 24th, at Downtown Green Bay's Lyric room

But, who gets married on a Tuesday, right? 

Shelby explained to me, that this particular day held a meaning that spans beyond comprehension, and that even the Rotational axis of our Earth, to our Sun validated this. 

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017, marked the Wedding  anniversaries of Ryan's Grandparents, as well as his great Grandparents. Shelby knew that Ryan's Grandparents shared these anniversaries, but she recognized that in this particular year, it also fell on the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice has been recognized, and celebrated by cultures around the world since ancient times. It's importance is both rooted in the Astronomy, as well as the spiritual meaning of the Sun's ascension around our Earth. 

Individual beliefs, and interpretations vary from those who mark the day as being the longest of the year, or even the Ancient Druid cultures, whom constructed sacred sites (Think Stonehenge) for rituals and ceremonies to be conducted on the Solstice days. 

For Those in touch with the significance of The Solstice, its spiritual meaning can take on one of true celebration of , love, and enlightenment, and unity with the universe. 

For Generations, Ryan's Grandparents celebrated June 20th as the anniversary of their wedding, and this year, Shelby and Ryan joined in. In response, the Sun responded and gave us its highest solute. 

Ali+Matt: Downtown Green Bay Engagement session

On todays blog, we are featuring Ali and Matt! 

Ali and Matt are downtown Green Bay residents, and they have acclimated their work, and personal life to all of what Downtown Green Bay offers. 

Keeping true to their life, we all agreed that we would basically just start by popping open some Wine at their home, and continue our adventure to nearby taverns, and city walks. 

I love this sort of loose, and spontaneous experience created when I am simply able to hang out, get to know, and really become friends with my future Brides and Grooms. 

This young couple is just now beginning their story together! I am honored to share it!


Xo Xo 


Now you are 12.

Hold onto your Butts, people. My Oldest is 12 today. Here's to you, kiddo. 

See the date Kiddo? October 4th, 2004; My 18th Birthday. 

That is the day I found out I was pregnant with you. You were due to be born on My Mother's (Mimau's) birthday. 

You have watched enough Teen Mom shows with me to know that 18 is super young to have a child. Your Father and I, were fresh out of High School, we had just moved into our first apartment together. I was in school for a Paralegal program, and waitressing 3rd shift at a Diner. Your Father had gotten a decent job at a factory, he also worked 3rd shift. 


We were scared to death to tell our parents we were having a baby. We knew how young, inexperienced and completely unprepared we were to bring a baby into the world. We were very lucky that our families chose to support us, and believed that though it would be difficult, we were capable of being parents. 

I had trouble throughout my pregnancy with you. I was in and out of the emergency room with various issues, and at times we were not sure you would make it. To complicate matters, my job was totally unforgiving, and actually fired me. Being on my feet all night, running around, lifting, carrying, it made my muscles tense up, I would bleed and end up in the emergency room making sure you still had a heartbeat. 

It was scary enough being so poor, so young, and now on bedrest. I cried a lot, I was terrified about not having any money, and I was not able to go back to work safely. Your Dad picked up as many hours as he could though, we occasionally got food from a Salvation Army, and your Grandma Patti had us over every Sunday, and always made sure we had a big dinner. 

I was really lonely, and because your Dad was on a 3rd shift schedule, I would be up all night, by myself. I had made lots of friends (Whom I still have today) at the Diner while I worked there. They were all upset, it wasn't fair I had gotten fired over medical issues. They started coming over at night, and keeping me company. We would listen to music, drive around town, plan fun dinners, and watch tons of old Movies. It was a great time, and it was so nice to finally feel positive again. 

Just as I settled into my life again, and thinking that my Pregnancy troubles were over, something went wrong. at about 20 weeks pregnant, I went into labor. Looking back, it is ironic you were in such a hurry to come out, because I don't think you have ever been in a hurry for anything at all. But at 20 weeks, you were not ready to come out, Babies that little just cant survive, and die shortly after birth. 

I had to stay in the hospital for over a week, while the doctors attempted to stop my labor. They put me on these crazy muscle relaxers that eased my body, and stopped the labor. The medicine made me feel like I was floating, I drooled because I couldn't control my facial muscles, and every time I tried to get out of bed I would just fall over. That probably sounds scary, but when I see the pictures of me during that time, looking like death, pale, and drooling, I laugh. 


I really had to take it easy once I was released from the hospital. I was on bedrest again up until a few weeks before you were born. Mine, and your Dad's family stepped up in a big way to help out during this time. knowing I couldn't work, and you were coming, I was thrown 2 baby showers. Your Dad and I were overwhelmed at the amount of love, and support we got. There was not a single item we needed for your arrival, the baby showers provided us with clothes, diapers, toys, and other necessary baby furniture. 

Because you are who you are, I had to be induced, meaning once it was actually time for you to come out, you wouldn't. To complicate matters, the fluid surrounding your little body had slowly leaked out, and you were at a alarming risk of infection. 

Once this was discovered I was admitted immediately to the hospital. hooked up to IV's, I waited for the labor pains to begin, family started pouring into the hospital to await your arrival. 

Annnnnd nothing. Nada. Zip. 

Little jerk. 


It took a lot of meds to get you to start moving your Butt, let me tell you that! What should have taken a few hours to kick in, ended up taking 2 days. But finally, FINALLY, after months of worry, we knew you would be coming. 

I initially insisted I was a big girl, and that just your Dad and I would be in the room for your birth. I said I didn't need any assistance from anyone else. But 1 hour into labor pains, I cried, and asked for my Mom. Then, in her infinite wisdom, Mimau pulled in your Grandma Patti to be in the room as well. 

Finally, at 5.25.2005, and 5:05pm, you arrived. All 6lbs and 2 oz of you. Secondary to mine and your Fathers glee, was the site of Mimau, and Grandma Patti, crying, embracing, and becoming the lovely Grandmothers you have today. 


Family poured in, almost immediately. Aunts, Uncles, friends. My Dad, your Grandpa Jon was in Colorado for a convention, he and Grandma Jenni hopped the next flight out,  arriving the next day. Your Grandpa Mark (Bukka) patiently waited his turn in the hospital, you know how he is, big, gruff- He patiently waited day and night for the chance to hold you, I think I saw his heart melt when he first held you. 


When we finally got home from the hospital with you, to our 1 bedroom apartment, we marveled at how perfect you were. How could you be so perfect? We certainly were not. Hell, we were messes. We loved you so much, but we kept screwing up. Newborns are tiring, kiddo. Like, up all night, up all day kind of stuff. Your Dad had to get back to work right away, leaving me alone with you, still recovering from your birth. I was sore, I couldn't sit right for a month, and there were times that I fell asleep sitting up feeding you. I swear there were entire weekends we wouldn't leave our room, we were just trying to sleep whenever you did. Then when we did get out of the house, we would forget the most basic things, like buckling you into the carseat, not just putting you in it. Or the one time we pumped gas with the car still running. 


Good news though, you survived infancy without any remarkable brushes with death! 

You survived, with tons of help from our families, but as you know, me and your Dad didn't. It was sad, and difficult. We were young, and were just learning who we were as adults. We both moved on, married, and got back to the business of building separate lives, and careers, with you in the center of it. 

Lucky you, you got 2 amazing Step-Parents, people that love you so much, and have had equal roles in raising you. I feel happy that I can say our lives are infinitely better, because of the people your Dad and I chose to Marry. 

So here we are today; Today, you are 12. You reside in 2 homes, in nice neighborhoods, you have 2 rooms scattered with toys, legos, and Pokemon cards. You have been on Vacations across the country with both of your families, you have gotten Tai Kwon Doe Belts, broken boards with your feet (The feet which once fit in my hands, and are now bigger than my own feet!) you have ran in marathons, begrudgingly completed track, soccer, and swimming, been featured on a magazine cover, been to Disneyland, and once one a costume contest at Comicon. 

You are exceptionally giving, wickedly funny, and absolutely, always true to yourself. A trailblazer in your own right, your interests sometimes befuddle me, but I love it. You are a great big Brother to your Sisters (when you can stand them), and I am quite certain your Obama care jokes will never get old. 

You may wonder why I need to tell you all of this, Momma is long winded, but is surely convinced of her mission. 

You see, Son, every Super Hero has a origin story. 

This one is yours. 

Happy Birthday, my Darling Son. I love you forever, I like you for always. And I also love you more than all of the Pokemon in the rolodex, or whatever thats called. ;) 

Xo Xo, 


Vangheem Wedding: From the heart.

Mike's hard lemonade bottles, used as vases. 

spray paint, doilies, plastic plates and cups. a blue tooth speaker, and a potluck. 

The Vangheem wedding. 

I make a point to tell all my new Bridal clients that I am invested in getting to know them, and their story, and I really mean that. 

I met Cody and Heather over 2 years ago now, when they booked me for a mini-session. They were baby-faced it seemed. Like kids playing dress up, pretending to be adults. Just barely 20 years-old, they talked big. They were newly engaged, renting a duplex, getting a dog, going to school, and dreaming of their future. They had a plan, and they were going to implement it. 

I'll be damned. 

The plan worked. 

Heather, is now a LPN, and is  completing her RN. Cody, graduates from College this month, majoring in Human resources. They recently purchased Cody's Grandparents house, and are slowly moving 40 years worth of their grandparents belongings out of their home. Add to this their fur baby family- Gigi, a Beagle, and 2 rescue Cats. 

The final task of course, was the Wedding. 

But what do you do, at barely 25, after toiling away at an education, paying off debts, and moving into a home that is essentially still being lived in, and needs tons of work? 

You scrimp. You cut corners. You make concessions. And I tell you what, that is sometimes heartbreaking to do, when you are planning your wedding. 

Heather continually poked fun at herself, and said, "don't judge me, I am using fake flowers, paper plates, and used wine bottles for decor. We can't afford catering, so like white-trash, we are asking guests to bring a dish to pass around, like a pot-luck."  

I'm a wedding Photographer, so I photograph occasions of all shapes, colors, and themes. I bring no judgment to the table, my job is to expertly craft, and tell a story with my Lens. But I will tell you now, that this hit home for me on a personal level. 

Young, and in love, with 2 kids, oodles of debt, a $80 dress, and barely enough gas money- I got married. We were 22, and the ceremony took place in a backyard in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our reception was held in a garage on the property.

Tables and chairs were borrowed from a local church, and were decorated with dollar store table cloths, and used wine bottles. Wildflowers that grew roadside were handpicked, and used for boutonnieres, and my bouquet. I purchased a two-tier Walmart cake, and a tie from GoodWill for the Groom. I asked that guests bring a dish to pass around, as we were too poor to afford to feed ourselves even. 

A dear friend of ours Photographed this $150 wedding for us as a gift. The greater gift being, that his supreme eye for detail, and ability to tell a beautiful story, made this wedding look priceless. 

The greatest lesson in Photography I have ever learned, was from my own humble beginnings. I learned that every detail matters, even cheaply made ones. I learned that every story was worth telling, even when it came from a place of struggle. 

These meager beginnings in life should be celebrated, not criticized. The whole Wedding, and reception itself in our culture, is meant to celebrate, and support the union of two people. When we choose to envelope those who are starting a journey together, the event itself becomes a monument to our humble beginnings, and serves as support for the road ahead. 

Heather and Cody, along with the support of so many, took items that normally go out with the trash, and made it beautiful. They put their hearts into every detail. And their guests demonstrated a overwhelming outpouring of support, and brought the most food, that I have EVER seen, at any singular event. 

Truly, handcrafted with dedication hard work, and faith: I present, The Vangheem wedding- 





Manic Monday: Weddings, leggings, dabbing, and a sword fight.

Happy Monday! 

Back here, for the SECOND week in a row! Impressive feat, considering how often I psyche myself out of blogging on a consistent basis! 

Nonetheless, I am here, with bounty to share!

This past weekend kicked off the 2017 Wedding Season for The Brass Lens! It also was my first time working with a Personal assistant on location, I have so many positive things to say about that, but I am going to save that news for a more formal introduction in the coming weeks! 

This past weekends wedding was much anticipated, and an absolute delight! I was hired by the newly minted Mr. And Mrs. Vangheem 2 years ago, and could not be more thrilled to tell their story! It was full of so much love, emotion, and laughs. I will be sharing all that this Wednesday!


But speaking of the wedding laughs, I am gonna bring up one puzzling thing-

the Phenomona known as "Dabbing". Cody, the youthful, playful groom of last weeks wedding, playfully demonstrated his Dabbing skills throughout the days festivities, much to his Brides chagrin. 



I will be completely honest, I have a Brother who "dabs", But that is a different kind of recreational activity. 

Fads, terms, dances moves, they come and go, but I took heed when my Elementary and Middle school-aged childeren began referencing the silly move, and then continuallly berated my ineptitude to correctly perform said move. 

Photographic evidence of my eagerness to learn is documented below. Though, My oldest Child (Preston, 6th grade) said, "Mom, don't even try". 

not even close to cool......

not even close to cool......


Fine, keeping up with trends is not my strong point. I will admit that. I march to the rhythm of whatever is taking up my headspace at any given time. 

I mean, I just now tried my first pair of Lularoe leggings on. And you know what? I would have stubbornly held out on ever trying them, had they not been gifted to me from this  past weekend's Bride. 

They even match my brand colors! 

They even match my brand colors! 


The Jury is still out on how I feel about them. They are adorable. And so comfortable. Maybe, a bit too comfortable. I'm scared my level of comfort will accomodate a sudden spell of me just slowly atrophying into my couch. All that buttery softness of these expertly crafted leggings. 

Its the Devils work. I tell ya. 

After a solid day of work Saturday, I made a special point to take time to enjoy the weather with my kids on Sunday. I took my 2 oldest kiddos to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2. And Lord have mercy, was it good! I am not one to cry at any sort of superhero/comic book movie, but I was crying, and laughing the entire time. 

The intense fight scenes inspired my sometimes sedentary kids to break out their combat gear, a Star Lord, mask, and have good old fashioned fun. 


I felt lucky those  moments, to share in a day off, and to take a few casual pictures of my own kids for once. 

My Darling, weird, really weird kids. 

Until next time. 

Xo Xo


Manic Monday: Michigan, Again.

It's been a spell since I have blogged. These dark winter months often find so many of us at odds with finding motivation. 

The recent thawing of Wisconsin was such a welcome respite, like a promise from Mother Nature that warmer days are near. 

But winter is back in full force, and the ground is yet again covered in Snow. 

I thought back to a trip I made to a snow-covered lower Michigan just after Christmas this past year — a surprise visit to see my father, which was desperately overdue. 

My parents and I moved up to Green Bay from my birthplace of St. Louis when I was quite young. We left my mother's entire extended family there. My father and his family were all from lower Michigan. Because I was homeschooled, the opportunity to see our families from either side was not restricted to weekends or summer breaks. So often in my childhood, I split my time between days on the banks of the Mississippi with my "St. Louis" Family, and the rolling shores of the Sleeping Bear Dunes in lower Michigan. 

I am firmly rooted in Green Bay now, a town which I have come to know and love so very much. I am proud to have a business here, and to raise my children in this ever-growing community. But that doesn't mean that my heart exists only here. My heart, and my deepest-rooted memories, exist in both time and places. 

As if out of a story book, the home my father now lives in lies just a mile outside of the Traverse City center, sitting on more than 50 acres of land that have been cared for by the same families for more than a century. The Centennial Barn boasts this truth with an historical plaque adorning its faded doors. 

My father and his sidekick Da Vinci (the dog pictured below) guided me through the woods to see the winding freshwater spring which feeds directly to their house, and to admire what beauty this land had to offer. 

I probably sound like some sort of paid ad placement, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It's just that when you experience such unspoiled beauty, there is a certain fierce need to proclaim its worth.


It's Muscle Memory that leads me down the rural county roads to the place where my childhood memories run unspoiled and forever pure. 

Empire, Mich., a sleepy town just 30 miles west, boasts the Sleeping Bear Dunes lakeshore, and most travel publications would have you know it is also one of America's most beautiful beaches. 

More than anything, Empire holds a wealth of good times past. The run-off lake I spent summers in, chasing angry swans and dodging snapping turtles; or the lighthouse overlooking the beach, whose sand dunes formed legends, told for generations. The Sleeping Bear Dunes rest in the shadow of the beach on which  I spent my childhood playing. Dodging storm-tossed waves that seemed a mile high, building sand castles and falling asleep shore side, while my grandfather told stories of Ojibwe folklore, and the many true stories of ill-fated ships, including the ship that sank carrying Christmas trees to Chicago. 

Empire is a town so small, it is nearly passed through in an instant. Yet this tiny place holds splendors most people would pray to witness. 


I find myself in awe of it all. It is a part of me. 

Michigan, again.





It all comes full circle: Meet Henley

I'm so very excited to share todays special blog! 

You may have seen Jeremy and Rachelle featured here before. I'm lucky enough to have been chosen to be the special person who gets to tell their story through my Lens. 

Starting with their Backyard Wedding, in Chilton Wisconsin, to their Miracle Pregnancy (If you had not previously read about their story, you can check out that blog here) to the Birth of their Darling Daughter, Henley. 

I was thrilled to have been invited back to where The Robbins Story Started, at their 1800's Victorian home, where their Wedding took place. Getting to meet Henley, and talk with Rachelle, whom I have become so incredibly close to since meeting, was truly a gift. We have enough background, to speak openly, and frankly about how our life's are not always "picture perfect", we can talk about fears, Cats, and how joyous, and tremendously frightening, raising your first Child can be. 

More than anything, that day, the day, I got to meet Darling Henley, I was given the Gift of  experiencing tremendous feelings of emotion, when as an Artist, I got to bring my work, full circle. 

From a Wedding

From their Wedding--

To their Miracle Pregnancy---

To The moments of Anticipation--

To their building a life, with so much passion, for a child they were told they would never have--

And Suddenly, the circle is complete. 

I cannot, describe to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, the immense sense of Pride I take, in getting to be witness, and story teller for each of your life's special journeys. 

I will fight to be your Family Photographer. Because I want for all of you, to have these unbreakable, tangible moments of your life, family heirlooms, passed through generations. 

Enough about me, though. The Stars here, are the Robbins family! 

You'll see here, the amount of love, and thought, put in by Jeremy and Rachelle, and the handmade mementos throughout Henley's darling Nursery, crafted by loved ones, in dedication to Henley's precious new life. 

I'm so excited to share this set, and I am so excited to be any part of The Robbin's family story. 

Without Further Ado: 

Xo Xo 


2016: Photo Fails

I am positive ya'll have already been inundated with New Years Related Countdown Lists, "New Year, New Me" Speeches, and "Goodbye Dumspter Fire Year" posts. 

I was going to get all Sentimental, and Blog about the amount Of Gratitude, and Warmth I have in my Heart (And its True!) and follow it by a ornate display of my most Beautiful Photos of 2016. 

But I can only assume, you know both the depths of my Gratitude towards each one of you, and how Lovely My Photos can be. 

So Rather than Dazzle you with my Greatest Hits, I will Bring Laughter, with my Greatest Misses. 

I like to use Humor to ease the nerves of Clients. I feel like it is a great Ice Breaker, and a Sure Fire way to get a genuine Smile. A heartfelt chuckle, and a Snap of my Shutter, can bring a Photo that lasts a lifetime, and Tells a Warm Story. 

But So Often, there are just ridiculous Moments, of Pandemonium, Crying Babies, and "Front Facing Camera Face", that Are just........ Bad. 

I love to give my Clients a truthful, and Genuine Set of Photos, I can take Pride in telling their Families Story through heart warming Photos. But I certainly don't hold back on the Photo Fails, Either, its just as much as part of a Story. 

So, You have been Warned, 

I present to you, 2016's biggest Misses! 

Cheers, to Another Year of Beauty, and Tom-foolery! 

Xo Xo