Alpaca your bags! Fashion goes to the farm!

Greetings from De Peres own, Sabamba Alpaca farm! 

you may have recently seen me spam my Instagram and Facebook with photos of Alpacas, and thought, 

"well, we all knew Laura was weird, so this seems fine" 

And you wouldn't be wrong, my fascination with all things kitch has ever expanded to include these enchanting and gentle giants, who, by the way are not to be mistaken for their cousins, the Llama. 

The difference between Llamas and Alpacas is vast. 

Llamas are roughly the size of dinosaurs, they carry knives in their fur, and only listen to Black Metal. 

I joke (Quite often) but Alpacas and Llamas have been bred for over 5 thousand years, originally thought to be in Peru. 

The size difference between Alpacas and Llamas is noticeable when side-by-side, with llamas averaging upwards of 400 pounds, and being more of a guard animal not bred for their fiber, where as Alpacas are around 250 pounds, are a prey animal, and are known for producing generous amounts of fiber. 

And why am I telling you this? 

Because Its my God ordained duty to pull the Fiber from the peoples eyes, thats why! 

And because in my new found life as a single Mom of 3, I hang out at Alpaca farms..... and that part, is 150% truth. 

This whole thing started when my family was going through a rough time last year, and in order to bring some cheer into my kids life, My Mother randomly brought them to a local Alpaca farm she had heard about. 

My kids were hysterical upon entering this barn, looking at these curious bucktoothed creatures. My oldest Son had his phone out taking pictures, and captured what would become legend within our family. 

Bijou, the cross eyed, slack jawed Alpaca. 


Whenever any of me or my kids were sad, we would continuously pull up this Alpaca, and laugh hysterically. It was a irreverent point of solace, during some rough times. This snapshot in time became an obsession of my youngest daughter, Bea. She requested an Alpaca themed 4th birthday, and even received a painting of Bijou for her room. 

My relationship with the charming and docile animals about the Sabamba farm have become a place my kids look forward to going to often, and has become a fun quirky thing to bond over, in my already unconventional life as a creative, and new life on my own with my kids. I cannot offer them much, but I can give them once in a lifetime experiences, that bind us together in our new life. My kids look forward to these hands on experiences, and have been fortunate enough to accompany me to meet the newest baby Alpacas as they are being born. My Middle daughter has even had the honor of having a Baby Alpaca named in her honor, Guinevere! 



And consequently through a number of events, I came to be contact with the ever gracious and lovely owners of this Alpaca farm, Sabamaba (Which is aptly named from each of the owners children initials) Alpaca Bed and Breakfast. 

Sally and Tom have owned and bred Alpacas at their gorgeous 1890's Home that double as a Bed and Breakfast since 2006. 

Their passion for their work, is simply infectious. I found myself often heading out to the farm, because there is always something going on! I even found a way to incorporate my work with The Best of The Bay boutique, Apricot Lane into a huge styled shoot, right on the farm! Myself, Sabamba,  Kim Verheyden of Apricot lane, and lighting director Nathaniel Haban have been dying to share these images! 

I cannot say enough kind words about the opportunity to pull together this shoot with the models and owner of Apricot Lane, whom are family to me. It was so special to bring things I loved and cared about so much, all to one place and make magic! 

If you're interested in seeing this place for yourself, Sabamba is excited to have you! 

Visitors are welcome weekly, Tuesday-Saturday from 10-4.

You can meet the Alpacas, and visit their gift shop! 

Oh, and uh, because we can, we are pleased to announce a Fall fashion show at the farm, featuring Apricot Lane, this October 6th! 

Get Al-Pacc-ing, ya'll! 

Xo Xo 


Manic Monday: A day late, but worth the wait!

Yeah, so this weeks Potpourri of latest happenings at Casa De La Brass Lens is on a Tuesday. 

I know, I know, how could I possibly keep everyone waiting on bated breath! 

Anyways, here I am, and here, it is finally Spring! I don't know about ya'll, but I really have a hard time staying in front of a computer screen when there is sun outside, and adventures to be had, and captured! 

It is my first Spring living in De Pere, overlooking the Fox, and I spend every moment I can outside. Fortunately for me, the vast majority of my shoots can take place right in and around my property. 

Todays Sneak Peaks in fact, were shot right in my back yard! A maternity shoot with Janelle who, omg, could not be more beautiful in her pregnant glory.  And a surprise visit from one of my favorite newly wed couples, Luke and Emily! 

Check these out, and as a note to all of you out there, I am still shooting Boudoir sessions this season, and I have plenty of openings for concept shoots, and family photos! Don't let your dreams be dreams, gimme a jingle, we'll make some magic! 

Xo Xo 

Manic Monday: Say it loud, say it proud!

Greetings on another addition of my Manic Monday series, where I catch up with everyone on current specials, projects I have been working on, and random personal happenings. 

I am happy to write, that I have been quite busy, the best kind of busy, in fact, the sort of busy that has me dancing to-and-fro. 

Singing, though, not so much. My Manic Pace managed to mega morph from a simple case of exercise induced Rhinitis, to full blown Laryngitis. 

As it sits now, my voice is barely a whisper, and I am told, that I basically just need to shut-up. 

See Video for hilarious proof-


Who can never be sure? Either way, my voice is easily expressed via written word, and I have so many exciting things to share! 

I Joined a gym, Yo! 

Its called Fire fitness, and they made me put a flaming F sign on my Van, to let everyone know I am ON FIRE! 
but seriously, it is a great new place with a a mission to be based in the community, empowering, and encouraging people to be the best versions of themselves through 30 minute, high intensity workouts. 

And that 30 minutes, that is precious, lemme telll ya it is effective as Hell, and is great for someone like myself, who has little more to give out of my day. 

I will be talking more about them in the future, because I believe that being your best self starts with mental and physical wellness, and that is a personal journey that becomes a lifestyle choice, over a trend. 


So my new fitness regime wreaked a little bit of havoc on my sinuses, no big deal, it happens, tis the season! But come Thursday, it was beginning to bother my throat, which was difficult, because I had the honor of being asked to be an expert speaker at The Brown County Library for a very informative series put on by my good friends at Fresh Digital marketing, called "Marketing in a Digital Age" which was a 6 part series for business minded community members, who could come in and learn about everything from SEO, Key words, and Pay-for-click advertising. 

I met so many incredible local and inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs and was able to speak about my experience in learning from Fresh Digital about how to use Google key words, and the many other marketing techniques to make my brand stand apart. 

Let me tell you, being considered among anyone, a expert on ANYTHING, was a trip. But it was one of the biggest honors of my adult career, and I was so happy to celebrate it afterwords with The gals from Fresh Digital, members of the series, and my Momma! 

So I rocked my way through my guest speaking gig, voice still failing, and another day of work on lifestyle shoots, and then onto the weekend, where I actually had a really fun day date in Appleton (Queue everyone going, AWWWWWW) but that was cut short, because I got a last minute call to shoot a Lingerie fashion show in Depere, to which I obliged, because, I live for underwear, duh. 

There is so much more ahead, including some new mini sessions, Senior Specials, and my upcoming Boudoir Weekend the weekend of May 11th and 12th, sign up, there are still a few slots left! 


Xo  Xo


Welcome to the world, Darling Amara!

Hello, and welcome! 

I normally do a weekly wrap-up blog on Mondays, but I figured I would deviate from the norm, and bring some sunshine and new life, as we start this week! 

On this weeks blog, is The Robbins family, whose entire extended family has become dear friends and clients as they have have expanded and reached many special milestones. 

From Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, Maternity Photos, and now the arrival Of Nathan and Kara's first child, Darling Amara! 

It has been such a special journey to witness as Kara and Nathan have grown together, obtaining their education, careers, their first home, and now watching them become parents has been so heartwarming. I am merely a conduit to the rest of the world through which their story is told, and it is a reminder of why I love my job so much! 

Without further ado, 

Welcome, Baby Amara! 

Manic Monday: Lets do the time warp!

Greetings, on another Manic Monday! 

I've had a hodgepodge of projects and creative collaborations afoot, and have been taking the moments to actually follow through on my whims! 

The results have been oddly cathartic, and unsurprisingly weird. 

As a apart of my Boudoir business, I have been collaborating with another local business owner of a Boudoir, an intimate apparel boutique in the heart of downtown Depere. 

Our time together is filled with humor, positivity, and dreaming up ideas that are serving our loyalty to our work in spotlighting the unique beauty each of us has to offer. 

Among other events still in the making, I am pairing up with Boudoir in Depere, to put on a VIP party

  I am so excited to roll out the first of many exciting events that I have in store with several different collaborations! 

And duh, Its a Bra Party, Yo! 
A link will be provided this weekend to purchase your reservation to this event. 
We have 20 spots available, so reserve your spot as soon as you can! 
Your $50 reservation pays in spades! 

*You will have an exclusive evening to use your ticket to receive $25 off of your in store purchase at Boudoir
*A personal bra fitting
* $25 can be credited to your next Boudoir Photo session with Brass Lens Boudoir, or as a deposit towards a exclusively priced 1 night only deal. 

A bartender wil be on hand serving up Pink Champagne Margeritas, and we have Charcuterie trays from our favorite locally owned deli, infi.DELI.ty De Pere!

We will be spinning Records all night, so sign up with a friend, and bring your favorite vinyl! 

Its gonna be a great party, yo! 



In addition to my Boudoir work, I had a creative collaboration with a local Model/Fashion Designer and another locally based Photographer at my home last week! It was so much fun because by day, I shoot Boutique fashions, and Sydney is one of the models I met through that boutique. Then by night, we play with creative ideas and darken up the mood a bit. 

Nothing I enjoy more than the diversity of Photography, it creates boundless ideas! 

And back on the home front, I have been able to play around with my kids (much to their dismay) with photo ideas. But I don't what they think. They are so adorable, and this is among the least traumatizing things that I could embarrass them with. 

My middle Daughter, Guinevere, is a sight to be behold. Guinevere is a budding artist in her own write, and his been copying font since age 2. She is a beauty so different from me. Tall, thin, blonde, and blue eyed, as a model, she has such intensity, and diversity. 

We did a couple of set ideas with Guinevere doing a bit of a tribute to her favorite musical artist, St. Vincent, then a 80's synth Androgyny tribute in the vein of Eleven, from Stranger things. 

This past weekend, I actually got my whole little clan together for a sort of Kitchy 1950's All American family shoot. I have a Mid-modern style home, and my kitchen is just perfect for that sort of thing to take place. 

It ended up being really meaningful in hind site. I realized this was the first time since we moved, that we had our pictures all together. And even bigger, as I am modeling this sort of 1950's polished family, I am doing so as a Single Mom of 3. This was not exactly the 50's Archetype, and its funny to me I model as housewife, when in reality, I'm head honcho. ;) 


Lastly, I have some exciting news about an upcoming collaboration with a local Artist, who it ends up, is as weird as me. A slew of ongoing jokes sort of rolled into a tidal wave of creative ideas, and is taking form in a more tangible manner! 

Specific details are to follow, but- I AM STARTING A PODCAST, YA'LL! 

Its gonna be great, probably the coolest podcast of all time. And even more exciting, is that the format will allow for us to reach out the community we love so much. 

Yeah, prepare yourselves, things are about to get weird! 

Xo Xo 



Manic Monday: Alive With Possibilities

Hello all, here again for another Manic Monday blurb! 

This past weeks unseasonably warm weather has me feeling especially inspired to create and collaborate! 

Last week I got together with a friend of mine  and schemed some ideas for some sort of nonsensical Prairie inspired photos, and came up with some concepts for a retro Monkee's vibe photo shoot for a local band. I look forward to sharing that, and am excited about the few photos we got out of our little meet-up! 

I have two other exciting events coming up in anticipation for Valentines day. One of which is with my favorite people over at Apricot Lane, Appleton! 

Here are the deets!

Calling all #Apricutie gal pals! Join us for a night out just for YOU & your gals! Here are the deets, invite & share with your ladies! Wed Feb 7th | 6-8pm
~$10 F R E E fashion bucks to first 50 customers to shop all new Spring boutique fashions you'll love!!!
~F R E E gift with purchase
~Chocolate, strawberries & spritzers, sip & shop!
~Glam bar with all the fixin's! Tips & tricks to get date night ready in style!
~Mini photo sessions with The Brass Lens

Shop all new Spring boutique fashions; new original & exclusive pink, floral & heart doublehoods, Valentine's day looks, new dresses, comfy denim, Vacay ready fashions & more!!!


In addition to my ongoing Apricot Lane adventures, I am still busy booking weddings, and booking Boudoir shoots for Brides to be, and those who just want to give their special someone a gift they'll never forget! My premier Weekend was intended to be this past weekend, but had to be moved to this upcoming weekend (Feb 2nd-3rd) on the account of me slicing my trigger finger wide open the night before the big event. 

But hey, The show must go on, just a week later ;) 

 Except I didn't feel like opening Photoshop, its February 2nd & 3rd ;) 

Except I didn't feel like opening Photoshop, its February 2nd & 3rd ;) 


I have just a few spots before it is fully booked up! 
And we have had so much hype, that we have A Mint Wedding and Aj Miller from VAMP on board for Hair and make up! 
Spots are limited, and are February 2nd & 3rd
this 2 part event starts at my Cute little Bungalow overlooking the Fox River in Depere, where you will be treated to a Mimosa bar, tunes, and your own personal Hair and Make up artist! 
* Hair and Make-up is an optional add on, so the fee is separate and paid to your artist the day of service. 
The 2nd part of the event will be held at Aloft Hotel in Green Bay, where I will greet you with more drinks, and probably a bunch of weird dance moves and Prince songs ;) 
Sessions are a flat rate of $275, unlimited poses, and however many wardrobe changes you can fit in the 1 hour session! 
You will receive 35-45 digital edits of your images in a password protected gallery. 
Edits will be complete in time to make print orders (Via the Image gallery store) for Valentines day! 
So, uh, what are you waiting for? 
To reserve your spot, message me today, to make your $85 deposit! The remaining amount is due 2 days before service, but payment arrangements are also available!


Well thats a wrap for this week! 

Xo Xo 


Manic Monday: ADD Much?

Hello all, and welcome to another edition of my Manic Monday Blog series, a weekly (Haha, well, it should be every week)  Blog about all things Brass Lens, and also, weird stuff about me! 

After the Holiday season came to a close, and I excitedly sent my kids back to school after Winter break, it was go-time! 

I launched an offshoot of the Brass Lens, dedicated to Boudoir, called Brass Lens Boudoir, or as you'll see in the logo, B.L.B. 

The website is still in the works, while my Boudoir is fortunately pretty well established, its certainly a task to take on branding it as its own business, and thinking of creative ways to engage people in conversations about the importance of the art. 

I will be talking a lot more about that in the future, I could go on for days about it, but I have tons of other projects I want to talk about today, so I'll just shamelessly plug my upcoming Boudoir event flier, and let you know that I have 2 make-up teams on board for the event! A.J. Miller of Vamp Artistry, and Pattie Dufeck, from A Mint Wedding! 


Aside from my Boudoir launch, I have been  continued my work with my core clients as their families grow, and change, and continue to accept new clients from everything to family photos, Weddings, and special events like Family get togethers!

This past Month I worked with a very special little "Rainbow Baby", continued my work with Apricot Lane, and took on an exciting project with a independently owned CPA firm! 

There is much more to come as Spring is around the corner, and thank goodness, right? This Winter stuff is getting old! Onto some sneak peaks of what I have been working on! 

Until Next time! 

Xo Xo 


Manic Monday: The Holiday Photos continue!

Hello all! I had a week off from the blog, and now I have so much to catch up on!

The Holiday season is nigh, and I, like so many other people, am finding that there is so little time to to make the Pinterest dream vision board come to fruition. 

I will be launching several holiday specials that will be excellent gifts for family and friends, so stay tuned as I start rolling out the ads! 

This past 2 weeks I have been busy meeting many new families, and continuing to run my Holiday mini sessions. 

It's not too late to book yours! And guess what, I wont even judge you for being last minute. Its something that is basically my wheelhouse. haha! 

Without further ado, here are some Photos from last weekends sessions!

Xo Xo





Manic Monday: Birthday Steak!

Hello there! And welcome back for another round of my Manic Monday series! 

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and the Holidays are right around the corner, so ya'll know I am focusing on making sure all my clients got their holiday photos set for loved ones at Christmas time.  Speaking of, don't forget to contact me to book your Holiday Mini session! I have some slots available this weekend, and will have a fun little Hot Chocolate set up, along with Christmas treats for the kiddos! Hell, I'll probably make sure us grownups have some Christmas "Spirits" as well! 

Last week saw the official launch of the Apricot Lane Boutique Website, which was a huge, and fast paced project for me. But with the majority of Photos done on my end, It has been really cool to see my photos reaching such a wide commercial audience, and it could not be for a more worthy company! 

Being the main source of Photos for something as large scale as 3 Boutiques in NE Wisconsin has been an honor, and a privilege. So right now, I am really happy to sit back and be totally bombarded with the massive scale of photos I've curated for this amazing store! 

I mean, check this stuff out! I've gone commercial, ya'll! 

Okay, but on the serious, I am excited to have been able to practice my art, in all of its forms, but I am still just as loyal to my clients, and telling their stories. Like Jennifer Lopez, I'm real. 

This past weekend, I was invited to Celebrate a first Birthday, with the Robinson family, whom is frequently featured in blogs! I have been with them from their wedding, to a miracle pregnancy, birth, and ack, now Little Henley is One! 

I love my shoots with the Robinson's because they live in the darling little Wisconsin town of Chilton, the drive is 45 minutes from Green Bay, and is beautiful! Chilton has a lot of, I guess what we would call "Old World Charm", and boasts homes and business fronts well over a century old. 

Henley held her 1st Birthday bash at a local business that her Momma Rachelle, has frequented called Hilde's. I've become acquainted with this locally owned Business, ran by its Namesake, Hilde, who has created a very welcoming and unique deli that even offers eat in Bistro tables, as well as a room for large special events to be held. Definitely check them out if you are ever in Chilton, and "like" them on Facebook!

Little Miss Henley was showered with gifts at Hildes, and enjoyed her Birthday ca-- I'm sorry, Birthday Steak. 

You read that right. This kid is after my own heart, she is a tiny carnivore, and I adore her! 


After celebrating her Birthday, we headed to the Chilton Nature preserve to take Photos of Henley where it all started. 

Xo Xo



Tinsel Time Boudoir Special Event!

Ladies Ladies Ladies! Get ready to give your special someone (Even if that someone is you!) a gift they'll never forget! 
Thats right, I'm bringing Boudie (Boudoir) Back, ya'll! 
November 24th &25th, we'll be walking through a winter wonderland of mistletoe, stockings, and yuletide joy! 
In all reality, we are gonna get all gussied up, enjoy holiday snacks and drinks, and a merry old time!

As always, a deposit is required to book your spot, as they are limited and fill quickly! 
Sessions include all printing rights, 30-35 digital images in a personal viewing gallery, and edits will be ready in time to order (through the viewing gallery!) for the Holidays! 
Sessions are $275, deposit is $100, the remaining $175 is due 2 days before your session, or can be broken up into payments as needed. 
Hair and makeup is optional as an add on (do it, your worth it!)
So go forth, and make more sexy Christmas puns! And book your spot today! 
Xo Xo

Manic Monday: Apricot Lane and upcoming Boudoir Bonanza

Hello! And a miserable, manic Monday to you all - I mean, happy wait, I stand by what I said.

Even though wedding season is over, I've still got a TON of stuff to do in the coming months. The amazing and ever wonderful Apricot Lane has me shooting their entire incoming catalogue in the fabulous new mini-studio they set up for me in their warehouse, so that's ultra fun. If anybody's looking for some trendy new items for their wardrobe, check them out, and yes, I am a paid shill.

I'm gonna be doing some SUPER fun specials in the next couple months, and that's not hyperbole, they're going to be caps lock levels of fun. Ladies, get at me for my boudoir bonanza! Can you think of a better christmas gift? I didn't think so, and sessions come equipped with all kinds of vintage christmas swag for you to wear, AND a freaking mimosa bar. How cool is that? Also I might drink some mimosas also too. Details are coming soon.

Oh, and did I mention that the incredible AJ, of Vamp Artistry fame, is going to be doing hair and makeup? No? Well she is, so hold onto your butts.

ALSO, for a more wholesome special, keep your eye out, because I'm gonna be posting up some particulars for holiday mini sessions in the next few days! It's gonna be great.

In the meantime, fill out the extremely simple email form at the bottom of this to get updates on new blog posts, or just follow Facebook or Instagram

Xo Xo

- B.L.

Emily+Luke: Hoppely Ever After

Talk about whirlwind romance!  It was early Spring of this year when Luke and Emily met, and they fell for each other, HARD!

Friends and family couldn't help but be totally supportive; it's obvious that their shared values, passions, wanderlust and certain eccentricities added up to a match made in heaven (actually, it's okay, you can laugh, they do!) 

And for me, a Single Goth-Mom of 3, meeting these barely 23-year old kids, whom shared so many common passions with me, was mind blowing. They're  analog kids, in a digital world.

Snapplefact: we all happened to be homeschooled for chunks of our school years. And Emily's middle name is Anne with the "E", as is mine. And we both feel really fiercely about that, because, Anne Of Green Gables, duh! 

Emily wore furs worn by her own Mother on her own wedding day, which was super duper neat. Their ride was an absolutely amazing  Vintage Ford CustomLine, with all of the original parts,  tweed seats, touches of Patina. The Ford was provided by Luke's Brother, Matt, who runs a rad vintage company, Fresh Coast vintage. Flowers were gorgeous, furnished by Petal Pusher of Green Bay. Monzu Bistro was the source of the fabulous cake, and the whole shebang went down at Celebration Church in Green Bay.

Fill out the follow form to get emails about new blog posts!

Xo Xo


Freaky Friday!

Happy Halloween weekend!!! It's so close, and actual Halloween is on a dumb, stupid school day, so just enjoy the weekend, especially if you're an adult, go get wasted, or stay home and get wasted, or just eat a literal pound of candy, dress up every day, scare children, hand out candy to strangers, do whatever.

Oh, by the way, this is a new, potential addition to the blog I'm messing with, so none of my beloved followers have to go more than two days without seeing new photos, hearing about what I've been doing, or just reading my amazing and genius ramblings.

Who else is planning to binge Stranger Things until they pass out tonight? Embrace nostalgia, watch children fight D&D monsters, stay current on a Netflix original, there's literally nothing to lose. No, but for real, I just rewatched the first season (which I recommend you do to, because damn, I forgot a bunch of stuff from the end), and I am PUMPED for season two! Speaking of, freaking check out Guinevere dressed up as Eleven!!!! My darling valentine can be obstinate, but she is ultimately my favorite muse (Nobody tell Preston and Bea). She has a remarkable ability to completely embody characters, takes direction like a boss, and poses with the fierceness and tenacity that only my daughter could.

My three little monsters are gonna be a unicorn, the mad hatter/Eleven, and (B)E(a).T. I will confiscate all their candy, so I don't have to buy any to give to trick-or-treaters (just kidding...mostly, I'm definitely stealing some of their candy, at least the Reeses pumpkin to make sure they're not poisoned). Chime in with your Halloween plans, and let's see those costumes!

Please feel free to comment, like, and subscribe to be notified of future blog posts!



Eli+Chelsie: Artists in love.

Here's the skinny:

I do not get paid enough for what I do. 

Neither do most artists. 

The truth of the matter is, that real, gritty, stupendous stories, screaming to be told, are undeniably priceless, and there's not enough money in the world for that (but I'll take a cool 100K, if you've got some to spare).

::::The Brass Lens enters stage right; CROWD GOES WILD:::::

That's not wild enough, GO WILDER, I'll wait...

Here I am, high-fiving a million angels. I'm like a less salty and suicidal version of Ernest Hemingway, and this is my Moveable Feast. 

But Holy-Mother-Of-Gnomes, this is not about me. This is about Artists, Artists who are in love. Artists who breathe inspiration into everything in their life and career- Artists, who have enriched and brightened my own career, simply by being who they are. 

(Yadda Yadda Yadda, back-story, some shit about our family connection- their trades, artistic mediums, current positions, interests, generally about being rad humans. Also, they have a company. Something something star wars. no, its something about rivers - @cityriverco) and Eli custom built my daughters floating bed frames. Is it relevant? I don't know, but pay attention to me anyway. 

Get your facts straight, dummy. 

Anyway, they throw clay, make pots, and are basically a cooler, less Patrick Swayze-y, modern day version of Ghost.  

Their mixed-metal wedding was amazing. Sugar Land Barn was gorgeous, and the B-Style Floral provided beautiful chocolate cak-oh wait, I mean flowers. I had an absolute blast shooting it, and I hope everyone has a blast checking out the photos. If a blast is not initially had, please ingest approximately four cocktails and try again. 

Please feel free to comment, like, and subscribe to be notified of future blog posts!



Manic Monday: Potpouri!

Hello and welcome to Manic Monday! Please check your coats at the door.

A little bit of everything this week after a short break!

So much going on with work, and as the fall winds into colder weather, I've been taking a whole lot of photos, shooting left and right and up and down while I prepare myself for Halloween!

Such a diverse week of work, including everything from family photos, weddings, concerts, and engagements!

And a very special session with Twin Boys who have overcome immense odds! It was a fantastic celebration of their victory over hardships!

I have another busy week coming up with a wedding this weekend, working to establish a super space with Apricot Lane, and hopefully figuring out how to make my furnace go before the weather gets too terribly cold again.

Be on the look out for another round of special Mini sessions as the Holiday season approaches, and so much more!




Manic Monday: So much to share!

A warm hearted Hello to all of you out there! 

It is yet another edition of my Manic Monday series, where I update the masses on all the goings on in my life, and business! 

I'll start by gushing about my Youngest Brother and Sister Tony and Emma, whom are Seniors in high school this year. 

Naturally, I took their Senior Photos, and omg you guys, my look at them, they are growing up, and I am in denial. 

And while my loved ones are growing up and I am feeling older, and less relevant than ever, I somehow find myself at the cusp of artistic movement in our Northeast WI area. I spent 2 weekends in a row at Art Gallery events, meeting talented artists in our area, and generally just playing with cool Camera toys, and even filming for the first time! 

The Homeland project was a fantastic Pop-up art event on Broadway, showcasing numerous Fox Valley based artists. I was honored to meet, and interact with the artists, and speak to patrons about the event. I look forward to more events like this, and am so excited to see an encore performance of the event this Sunday at Titletown roof tap! Event details can be found here

Here are some photos I shot from the last event! 

In addition to the Homeland Pop-up art show, I was invited by my dear friend, and insanely talented Photographer  Mark Mariucci, to assist in filming a Blacklight themed art show and concert put on by The Artory at Green Bay's Art Garage. 

Mark and I took turns shooting stills, and I shot video for the first time ever! It was a trip to work under Marks tutelage, and I am just enamored with the exotic nature of the Artory event. As you can see, the photos are positively dynamic, and simply fun to look at. 

This past weekend saw the launch of my collaboration with Fox Valleys most kick-ass Hair and Make up team, Vamp artistry for my Boudoir event. It was a 2 day event that felt more like a slumber party with girlfriends. 

Ladies were treated to a Mimosa bar, and personal stylist at my new home that overlooks the Fox River. Once the Hair and Makeup team got each client all glammed up, they met up with me at Aloft hotel, and things got saucy! The structure of this event was a huge success, and I am so excited to start planning the next one! 

Emily+Luke: A simple Twist Of Fate

I am so excited to share this weeks special blog! 

Luke and Emily, are a young couple, at the cusp of their youth, at 22, and wildly in love with another. 22 seems so young, but their souls are old, and bursting with character and passion that inspires me to create. 

After scrolling numerous Photography websites for their wedding, they were referred to me, because I was that special kind of off-beat artist that might be able to appreciate their aesthetic and add my own flair. 

Upon meeting Luke and Emily, it was clear that we were a perfect match. We shared similar upbringings, all being homeschooled, and sharing a deep appreciation for Art, Music, and Film Photography. 

I was overjoyed to have been asked to tell their story, and even more honored when Luke pitched a concept for a photoshoot that immediately inspired a vision that ended up connecting with the both of them on a deep level. 

Lovers of all things vintage and folksy, I thought of Luke and Emily as a Young Bob Dylan, and the 1960's socialite who inspired much of Andy Warhols work, Edie Sedgwick. Dylan and Sedgwick had a rumored romance, both at the height of their youth, and creativity, so it screamed out to me that this would be a great concept for a shoot. 

Emily and Luke were not only on board, but completely overjoyed that I understood what they wanted without even verbalizing it. And as it ends up, Luke is such a huge Dylan fan, he recently saw him in concert! 

Within a couple of days from the conception of our idea, we pulled together outfits, props, and Emily and Luke came to my house so I could glam up Emily. 

The results, were magical. And shooting at my new home in Depere, ended up working out perfect. It certainly helped that Luke and Emily were like my own Barbie dolls, absolutely so fun to work with. 

I should really just shut my mouth already, ya'll gotta see this set. 

It really was a simple twist of fate that brought us all together, and Magic was the result. 

Xo Xo 


Manic Monday: Boudie short!

Hello out there on this Monday! 

The last week has been busy, with shoots, and booking up my Boudoir weekend at the end of September! 

Boudoir is a specialty of mine, and my Boudoir services continue to expand as word spreads! In fact, this Septembers event is nearly booked up, and client demand has allowed me to enlist one of North East Wisconsins leading hair and makeup teams, Vamp artistry! 

So if you have ever had a interest, now is the time to book! And always, feel free to ask me anything, I could talk about Boudoir for days! 

This Mondays blog is more or less an alert about Boudoir weekend, and a reminder to book your appointment while Customer appreciation month is still running! 

I have so much in store this week, and I cannot wait to share the beautiful and diverse photo collections! 

Xo Xo 



Manic Monday: Season Of Change

Hello out there, and welcome to another edition of my Manic Monday series! 

My Manic Monday series is a bit of a catch all of my recent shoots, and allows me to share some aspects of my personal life as well. 

And holy cats, ya'll, I have had some big changes as of late! 

I moved! I moved! And Lord, moving sucks. But its over, and now my Kids and I can proudly proclaim that we are residents of Depere! I snagged a darling 1947 stucco Bungalow overlooking the Fox River. 

Moving was bittersweet, and stressful, but it was a much needed end of one chapter in my life, and the beginning of another one. I look forward to the new beginning for my kids and I, and all the potentially awkward, and terrifying moments that comes with Single Mom-hood, and the perils of running a business, and keeping a home. 

You guys, just look, my house is just darling! 

As if Moving, and starting a new school year, I have been fortunate enough to stay busy with business too! I am not complaining, so hey, keep it coming! And as a quick note, I extended Customer appreciation month until the end of September! 

Last week had me shooting Fall Fashion on location with Apricot Lane Green Bay. We had such a blast, and got to romp around Botanical Gardens, and Hinterland Brewery, both of which were outrageously accomodating to our whole crew! And outside of of Apricot lane, I remain loyal to my clients, and loyal friends, who continue to book me for family shoots, and headshots. 

Its been busy, and I am positively grateful that I am able to surround myself with the wonderful people that have held me, and my business up. Much love to everyone, and without further ado- here are some sneak peaks! 

Xo Xo