Intimacy, Re-imagined.

Hello  out there! And welcome to my website! I worked my buns off to get this off of the ground. And that is a big feat considering my ineptitude with technology. At any rate, welcome, and now onto the goods! 

I have been wanting to write a blog for a while, about Boudoir Photography. This is appropriately timed, because I am actually running a Boudoir Special event later this month. (I have that information under the "sales" tab, and I will again share the ad in this blog.) 

I suppose the best place to start, is a brief introduction into what "boudoir Photography" is, in todays Photography landscape. I would best describe Boudoir Photography as a Intimate photo-shoot, that a Woman (sometimes Men, no judgment here!) takes, and often gives as a gift to her partner, and sometimes even for herself. It is a simple, concept at the root of it, but because this style photoshoot is meant to invoke desire, or show ones "Sexy side", it is often wrought with more fear, than excitement for a lot of Women. 

That Fear, and insecurity, is what I want to talk about, because since I have started advertising this event, I have spoken to so many wonderful Women, who have all said such hauntingly similar things. Everything from, "I would love to do this, but I just don't feel Sexy", or, "Im such a lard-ass", and even, "Are you ok with photographing Beached whales?" 

To Be honest with you, none of that rhetoric really surprises me, because I am the one, so often making some horrible comment about my own body. And I will share with you, that I don't hate my body, I mean, some days I do. Some days, I lie to my Daughters, and tell them "Every Body is a beautiful body", except mine, mines not beautiful, that doesn't apply to me. I look at people like, my adorable, size Zero Sister-in-law, who Cannot ever eat enough, and could sit all day on a netflix binge, and remain a tiny little waif. Meanwhile, I am running a 5k, 4-5 times a week, just to maintain a "Almost, maybe a size Medium" post-three-babies-bod. And when I am not in between running my business, raising my three kids, and the Gym, I am collapsing into a pile of laundry on my bed, probably still wearing my sweaty gym clothes. Super Sexy, I know. 

So how is me, talking about My Insecurity, and others, conducive to feeling sexy, and taking Boudoir Photos? Because I want you to know, that I get it, I understand, sometimes, you get into places in life, where you just don't feel like a sexual creature, and I am so often on that boat. And the same as so many Women who contacted me, inquiring about the shoot, and expressing fear, I %100 understand where that is coming from. I even went as far as having my own Boudoir Shoot this past weekend. And you know, getting up the nerve, and picking out outfits, that was really hard, I cried a few times before the shoot, even. But what resulted, was beautiful. And the time I spent with my Photographer (The lovely Nichole Garcia, of Squid Photography) and my Personal Hair and Make-up stylist made it all the better. I felt among Women that new how hard it was to force feeling Sexy, I mean, between the 3 of us ladies, we have 8 kids! All-in-all, I came out of the experience, looking FAB (My hair and make-up lady is a WIZARD, I swear), a little Tipsy, and sore, because I laughed, so much. And you know, what? I feel kind of hot, too. 


I hope my personal Anecdotes may Help any of you out there considering taking on a shoot such as this. I designed this event specifically to accommodate Women like myself, who are so caught up with life, they have to schedule an activity, to remind them that they are beautiful. I enlisted the help of Local Hair and Make-up Phenom, Victoria Stencil, who is the most down-to-earth, talented, funny, and loving Mother of Two. Her and I spoke so much about how we believe that this is about Empowerment, and how blessed we feel to be any small part in making a Woman feel good about herself.  So if you are considering this event, or are attending, you can look forward to a afternoon of pampering, with your own personal stylist, while you sip wine, and Champagne, and snack on some Baked treats. You'll have your choice of poses, and outfit changes that accommodate your comfort level, all in the beautiful Aloft Hotel, with yours truly! 

Finally, I would like to add some Frequently asked Questions, and Answers, to alleviate any other Questions you may have.  

1. Do I have to get naked?

Nope. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. This isn't a frat house! Every person is different, and I accommodate any, and all tasteful states of undress. 

 2. What should I wear? 

Intimacy, is the key word in Boudoir, I believe. Intimacy for a lot of people should be re-imagined, to suit what you feel is close, and special to you. Intimate, and sexy pictures can be taken with Lingerie and heels, or a oversized sweater, or even a jersey. If you feel Good in it, than wear it, baby! 

33. What happens to these images when you're done with them?

 Because of the intimate Nature of this event, My Social Media Sharing Policy is different. Once you receive all edited copies of your images, I retain select photos for Portfolio use for other perspective Boudoir Clients, this usually is 2-3 tasteful images from each session. I do not share any images on social Media of Boudoir Clients, without expressed permission. Any Photos I would share publicly would be considered "G Rated". 

4. should I arrive with, or without Make-up?

 For this event, you should arrive with a bare, clean face, and hair. 


xo xo -B.L. 

Green Bay Wisconsin Boudoir Photography