Manic Monday: Spooktacular Wrap up!

I am excited to launch a more frequent blog series that will have me sharing both the current aspects of my business, and personal happenings within my own life. 

I so often have clients, and friends contact me and the lines are so similar every time, 

"Hey Laura, I know you must be SO BUSY with your business, but could I schedule a shoot?"

First of all, I feel so incredibly blessed that I have managed to create a business, and a life, that has me surrounded with the most incredible human beings, from all walks of life, all of which, take a personal stake in both my Art, and my Well being. Being the sensitive soul I am, I occasionally choke up, and cry at random, because, I am simply overwhelmed with the beautiful life I have. 

And so in comes the idea for the "Manic Monday" Series. Which, is sort of a Ironic take on what Mondays look like for Photographers, because Truth be told, Mondays for those who work most weekends, is a time of reflection. 

So, I am excited to use this particular Blog series as a way to both catch up with myself, and my Clients, because Life moves fast, too fast, and it is a part of my job, to stop, and capture those fleeting moments. 

And Guess what? I am NEVER too busy to create timeless memories. 

Speaking of Memories, I've got some recent ones of my own, that are as exciting, as they are random. October has been a whirlwind, and I certainly did not expect to be as busy as I was, but looking back, October is crazy for a lot of people, I mean, its like, the last Hurrah before Winter! And for me, it was full of Special events that required costumes! My Most memorable being my "90's" outfit I put together for the massively nostalgic "I love the 90's concert" I attended at the Resch Center earlier this month. 

And yes, I danced with Vanilla Ice, ON STAGE. And, it was GLORIOUS. 

Between Vanilla Ice, and a WWE Wrestling event with my Son, I have enjoyed taking some special time with my Girls, to put together their Halloween costumes, and reflect on my own, horrible costume, that I had to wear 4 years in a row as a child. Yes, the chillingly frightening Pumpkin is yours truly. ;) 

Work-wise, October saw me wrap up my Wedding Season, allowing me time to complete my wedding sets (So many amazing love stories to come!) and start re-calibrating my efforts towards Family Photos, Senior Photos, Maternity, fall colors, and some specially themed shoots! 

Here is a small taste of what I have been up to! 


Xo Xo