Wedding Wednesday: Nick and Ashley's downtown wedding!

Its Wedding Wednesday! Its Wedding Wednesday! 

On Todays Wedding Wednesday, I present to you, the Wedding of Nick and Ashley Maas! 

I met with Ashley during a very typical Wedding consult (Which I hold at my home, you guys should check it out, I make good drinks!) on a crisp Winter Evening. I quickly acquainted myself with Ashley, who is a obvious beauty, and has such a welcoming, and kind demeanor. Its Easy to say, we hit it off quickly, and I had certainly hoped I would be lucky enough to be chosen to share in her Special day. 

Good News you guys, SHE PICKED ME. 

Now, fast Forward to to our early Spring Engagement Photos, where I am meeting Ashley's (then) Fiancee Nick, at Downtown Green Bays Historic Titletown Brewery. I see Beautiful Ashley, clad in skin tight jeans, Darling Boots, and a Smile, then turns around Nick.... Holy Cats, I think the first words out of my mouth were, "Oh My God, He is Beautiful too". 

Sorry, Not Sorry. The Photos Speak for themselves, Nick and Ashley, are Basically Green Bay's "Ken and Barbie"

Once I composed myself, and chatted over some of Green Bays finest Brews, Taking Photos almost seemed like a secondary action to the conversations we held. Nick and Ashley are not only ridiculously good looking, they are smart, and funny as Hell. Our immediate connection was the perfect prelude to the laid back, no frills Wedding that Nick and Ashley dreamt of. 

Nick and Ashley Chose to have a Wedding centered around the Down Town Green Bay Area, Starting with a Hidden Gem of a Venue, The Bridal Chapel. The Bridal Chapel is situated on a unassuming street, amongst old Green Bay Homes, and boasts character, Original Stained Glass, and a place on The Historic Registry! 

Next, we moved on for a few drinks, laughs, and Pool, at the place it all began, Down Town Green Bays Kittner's Bar. Nick and Ashley met Kittner's, and could not miss the opportunity to re-live the romance, and get some darling Photos. 

The District Event Center was home to The Maas Reception, where festivities were kicked into high gear. 

High gear, because There was Rum-shots in the cupcakes. 

Jesus, Take the Wheel, I may have had 1, or 5. 

There was dinner, dancing, Speeches, hugs, and SO MUCH love. 

I knew from day 1, that I so badly wanted to be the person to help tell Nick and Ashley's story, and I am so glad I was able to. There is such a vibrance, an energy, a unbreakable dynamic of appreciation and love that flows between Nick and Ashley, I could tell you that, their friends would tell you that, and the Photos will show the same. 


Xo Xo