2016: Photo Fails

I am positive ya'll have already been inundated with New Years Related Countdown Lists, "New Year, New Me" Speeches, and "Goodbye Dumspter Fire Year" posts. 

I was going to get all Sentimental, and Blog about the amount Of Gratitude, and Warmth I have in my Heart (And its True!) and follow it by a ornate display of my most Beautiful Photos of 2016. 

But I can only assume, you know both the depths of my Gratitude towards each one of you, and how Lovely My Photos can be. 

So Rather than Dazzle you with my Greatest Hits, I will Bring Laughter, with my Greatest Misses. 

I like to use Humor to ease the nerves of Clients. I feel like it is a great Ice Breaker, and a Sure Fire way to get a genuine Smile. A heartfelt chuckle, and a Snap of my Shutter, can bring a Photo that lasts a lifetime, and Tells a Warm Story. 

But So Often, there are just ridiculous Moments, of Pandemonium, Crying Babies, and "Front Facing Camera Face", that Are just........ Bad. 

I love to give my Clients a truthful, and Genuine Set of Photos, I can take Pride in telling their Families Story through heart warming Photos. But I certainly don't hold back on the Photo Fails, Either, its just as much as part of a Story. 

So, You have been Warned, 

I present to you, 2016's biggest Misses! 

Cheers, to Another Year of Beauty, and Tom-foolery! 

Xo Xo