Manic Monday: The Cats Ruined it all

The Holiday Season is Stressful enough. 

Add to that, 3 kids, the woes of owning a Home, and a small business, a dog, and 2 cats. 

The Cats, The Cats ruined it all. I swear. 

Rewind to Thanksgiving week, I fall asleep, late, editing until my Eyes were too heavy to stay open. I place my shiny new MacBook Pro, in its ridiculously girly, yet protective case on my bedside Dresser to charge. 

All is Well with the world. 

Except I woke up several times throughout the night, to my Cats, making a ruckus, running around, knocking stuff over, and at one point fighting, on top of me. Tired, I knock them away, and roll over. 

I wake up early, to get my oldest to school at 5:45 am, I notice scratches, 1 right across my face, and several slashes on my neck. 

Thanks, Cats. 

Later, I open my laptop to continue working, and notice the screen flutter. Confused, I try and continue. 

The screen goes blank, and I take it out of its protective case, only to note there is a sugary, sticky substance lightly caking the bottom.... Evidence, of the terror the Cats stirred up over night, somehow knocking over a leftover glass of Wine, batted from nearly 6 feet away. 

And there goes, my $1500 MacBook Pro. 

How My Cats Managed to ruin more things in my household, in a matter of 3 months, than my kids have, in the past 11 years. Is Beyond me. 

Rather, that regale you with my Normal "Look at all the neat things I have been up to lately" Blog (i'm a day late anyway) I am going to spam ya'll with a bunch of pictures of my Cats, being Jerks. 

As for my Laptop? 

pffft. The Retina display, and Screen is completely busted, but I can use an external monitor until I get it fixed. 

I will survive. 

until the Cats Ruin it all.