Wisdom Wednesdays: Thinking outside the Box for Photo locations

I've joked often, that I was never Meant for a Traditional life, with a 9-5 job, starring into the abyss of a Computer Screen. 

I can't handle Predictable Routines, Its soul sucking for me.  So when I end up at the same damn Park, on the same Damn wooded area for Family Photos, I start feeling Chlausterphobic. 

So instead of hitting up that Same Bridge, and park in my Town that has me elbow-to-elbow with dozens of other Photogs, I encourage my clients to think outside of the box for locations. 

Finding non-traditional locations, or "places you hold near and dear" means something different for every set of people. 

It could be a Special Park, off of a trail, with the hidden Gem of a darling Tree Swing. Where you can Swing life away with the ones you love. 

You don't even have to limit yourself to the outdoors! Most indoor locations are happy to acomodate patrons having photos taken on site. Just Remember to call ahead, and ask!


The Above Engagement session was a last minute change up from some Ideas we had about being in Green Bay's Downtown District. I met This darling couple for some of Green Bay's finest beers at Titletown Brewery.   We drank, we laughed, made inappropriate jokes, and forgot we were there for a photoshoot. But isn't that really the best kind of photoshoot? Sure does Translate well! 


The set below, is one of my personal favorites.  

The Phillips family is One I know well, I also know they aren't happy with the traditional style of photos. 

They joked, "We are dirty hippies, we don't wear shoes". After some talking, we set a date, and went to a hidden Gem just 10 minutes outside of Green Bay, called Fon Ferek. 

I'm not super "outdoors-ey", in fact, I am a delicate flower. My Ghoulish crepe thin skin is top priority for all breeds of demonic Mosquitos. I welt up like a Hot Air balloon, and I bruise with a simple touch. Despite my ailments, I do try (when I can) to act like I might belong in more rustic settings. 

Add to this, the complication of being in a rugged, unfamiliar terrain, requiring, balance, agility, and Spider-Man type climbing skills, all while hauling my precious equipment. 

To be honest, I was pretty frustrated the first part of the shoot, I felt inept, and totally out of control in my surroundings, but I could not allow that feeling to interfere with the fact that I had a job to do, and I know this location meant so much to the Phillips family. 

I panicked at each new step, climb, and even fell a couple of times. I conquered heights that normally bring me to my knees just thinking about the task.  And oddly enough, I found great solace, and reward in the experience. 

The Phillips family challenged me to give them a family photo set that was fitting of their personal family style, and they also challenged me to face some fears.  What resulted, is probably one of my favorite photos sets to date. 

Pure, unadulterated, JOY. 


xo xo