Manic Monday: So much to share!

A warm hearted Hello to all of you out there! 

It is yet another edition of my Manic Monday series, where I update the masses on all the goings on in my life, and business! 

I'll start by gushing about my Youngest Brother and Sister Tony and Emma, whom are Seniors in high school this year. 

Naturally, I took their Senior Photos, and omg you guys, my look at them, they are growing up, and I am in denial. 

And while my loved ones are growing up and I am feeling older, and less relevant than ever, I somehow find myself at the cusp of artistic movement in our Northeast WI area. I spent 2 weekends in a row at Art Gallery events, meeting talented artists in our area, and generally just playing with cool Camera toys, and even filming for the first time! 

The Homeland project was a fantastic Pop-up art event on Broadway, showcasing numerous Fox Valley based artists. I was honored to meet, and interact with the artists, and speak to patrons about the event. I look forward to more events like this, and am so excited to see an encore performance of the event this Sunday at Titletown roof tap! Event details can be found here

Here are some photos I shot from the last event! 

In addition to the Homeland Pop-up art show, I was invited by my dear friend, and insanely talented Photographer  Mark Mariucci, to assist in filming a Blacklight themed art show and concert put on by The Artory at Green Bay's Art Garage. 

Mark and I took turns shooting stills, and I shot video for the first time ever! It was a trip to work under Marks tutelage, and I am just enamored with the exotic nature of the Artory event. As you can see, the photos are positively dynamic, and simply fun to look at. 

This past weekend saw the launch of my collaboration with Fox Valleys most kick-ass Hair and Make up team, Vamp artistry for my Boudoir event. It was a 2 day event that felt more like a slumber party with girlfriends. 

Ladies were treated to a Mimosa bar, and personal stylist at my new home that overlooks the Fox River. Once the Hair and Makeup team got each client all glammed up, they met up with me at Aloft hotel, and things got saucy! The structure of this event was a huge success, and I am so excited to start planning the next one!