Manic Monday: Potpouri!

Hello and welcome to Manic Monday! Please check your coats at the door.

A little bit of everything this week after a short break!

So much going on with work, and as the fall winds into colder weather, I've been taking a whole lot of photos, shooting left and right and up and down while I prepare myself for Halloween!

Such a diverse week of work, including everything from family photos, weddings, concerts, and engagements!

And a very special session with Twin Boys who have overcome immense odds! It was a fantastic celebration of their victory over hardships!

I have another busy week coming up with a wedding this weekend, working to establish a super space with Apricot Lane, and hopefully figuring out how to make my furnace go before the weather gets too terribly cold again.

Be on the look out for another round of special Mini sessions as the Holiday season approaches, and so much more!