Manic Monday: Weddings, leggings, dabbing, and a sword fight.

Happy Monday! 

Back here, for the SECOND week in a row! Impressive feat, considering how often I psyche myself out of blogging on a consistent basis! 

Nonetheless, I am here, with bounty to share!

This past weekend kicked off the 2017 Wedding Season for The Brass Lens! It also was my first time working with a Personal assistant on location, I have so many positive things to say about that, but I am going to save that news for a more formal introduction in the coming weeks! 

This past weekends wedding was much anticipated, and an absolute delight! I was hired by the newly minted Mr. And Mrs. Vangheem 2 years ago, and could not be more thrilled to tell their story! It was full of so much love, emotion, and laughs. I will be sharing all that this Wednesday!


But speaking of the wedding laughs, I am gonna bring up one puzzling thing-

the Phenomona known as "Dabbing". Cody, the youthful, playful groom of last weeks wedding, playfully demonstrated his Dabbing skills throughout the days festivities, much to his Brides chagrin. 



I will be completely honest, I have a Brother who "dabs", But that is a different kind of recreational activity. 

Fads, terms, dances moves, they come and go, but I took heed when my Elementary and Middle school-aged childeren began referencing the silly move, and then continuallly berated my ineptitude to correctly perform said move. 

Photographic evidence of my eagerness to learn is documented below. Though, My oldest Child (Preston, 6th grade) said, "Mom, don't even try". 

 not even close to cool......

not even close to cool......


Fine, keeping up with trends is not my strong point. I will admit that. I march to the rhythm of whatever is taking up my headspace at any given time. 

I mean, I just now tried my first pair of Lularoe leggings on. And you know what? I would have stubbornly held out on ever trying them, had they not been gifted to me from this  past weekend's Bride. 

 They even match my brand colors! 

They even match my brand colors! 


The Jury is still out on how I feel about them. They are adorable. And so comfortable. Maybe, a bit too comfortable. I'm scared my level of comfort will accomodate a sudden spell of me just slowly atrophying into my couch. All that buttery softness of these expertly crafted leggings. 

Its the Devils work. I tell ya. 

After a solid day of work Saturday, I made a special point to take time to enjoy the weather with my kids on Sunday. I took my 2 oldest kiddos to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2. And Lord have mercy, was it good! I am not one to cry at any sort of superhero/comic book movie, but I was crying, and laughing the entire time. 

The intense fight scenes inspired my sometimes sedentary kids to break out their combat gear, a Star Lord, mask, and have good old fashioned fun. 


I felt lucky those  moments, to share in a day off, and to take a few casual pictures of my own kids for once. 

My Darling, weird, really weird kids. 

Until next time. 

Xo Xo