Your Senior Photoshoot: 5 Things You Should Know.

Its that time of year that Parents, and their soon-to-be Senior students begin to trifle through the dozens of options for Senior Photo Photography! 

Summers for Parents and their Children alike, are unbelievably hectic. We are all trying to squeeze in every last bit of sunshine, fun, and avoiding the mundane tasks that the school year brings. But no worries!

The Brass Lens has got you covered with this quick easy guide, that covers everything from Senior picture ideas, to what to wear for senior pictures! 

1. Senior Photos don't have to be in a studio.

Hey ya'll, the cool thing about us freelance photographers, is that a lot of us love to play outside! Senior picture places used to be limited to the confines of a photographers studio, and a few hilariously dated backdrops and props.

The Truth is, Good Senior Photo Locations can be anywhere that speaks to you!

 Though a skilled photographer will offer various lighting options to accommodate any location, and if you happen to have one in mind, speak with your chosen photographer! 

2. Props are cool, but if you don't any items that spark your interest, it isn't going to take away from a meaningful set of Senior Portraits. 

"What kind of senior photo props should I bring!?" 

I hear that a lot. And its funny, because back in my day, people just brought in things that could easily identify their interests, and hobbies. I brought in my prized Electric guitar for my senior photos, I really had to let everyone know the sort of rock-n-roll vibe I was laying down. 

But here is  thing, Photographers like myself, we can accommodate any ideas, or locations you might like for Senior Photos, and we will honor and capture your Childs essence, props or not. Thats the kind of Magic I aim for, at least ;) 


3. picking out outfits 

Many a Mother has shared with me her Pinterest boards of what to wear for senior photo shoots.

And much like all aspects of my Photography business, I offer guidance, rather than real spot on lists of what you SHOULD wear for your senior photo shoot. 

And from my perspective, I just want my Seniors to feel comfortable, and like they are representing the unique, and best sides of themselves

4. Posing tips

I recall many a time having professional portraits done, where the Photographer was in my face, adjusting the exact angle of my chin, neck, shoulders, and fingers. It felt SO unnatural. And in turn, I got photos that were well lit, but it didn't really represent me. It looked like me, but it wasn't a fair representation of me and my personality. 

The Best Posing Tips I could give, would include to laugh, and be yourself!

As you scroll down the end of this page, you'll see some example Photos of a lovely set I just did of my own Baby Sister, Emma, who is a Senior this year. I got to doll her up, and take her to Apricot Lane and deck her out in the best and most unique clothing in the Bay area. Its a no Brainer that she looked good. And yes, I could pose her exactly how I want to get the type of photo I want, but that means far less than photos where I see MY baby Sister. My Baby Sister is a giggle box, I know her, and I know when she laughs, she giggles, and scrunches her nose up in the cutest way. 

So when we talk about posing, lets talk less about it. Lets talk about how to be your absolute best, and that happens when you are simply you. 

5. Choosing The Right Photographer For Your Senior Photos

Naturally, I'll raise my hand, and scream, "Pick Me! Pick Me!" 

But choosing a Senior Photo Photographer In Your Area Can Be Difficult.

Seriously, Us Photographers are like Rats; There is too many of us, and we are everywhere. 

Lets be honest, the first line of questioning is always about the money. And I get that, we all want a fair deal, we all want a quality product, and we don't want to have to sacrifice our first born to get it. 

Senior Photos get pricey, but we live in a day and age that as pricey as it may seem, Photographers are actually charging considerably less than they did back in the days of film. Further more, it doesn't hurt to ask about installments to help ease the burden of large payments.

When scanning through your options locally, don't hesitate to ask for a Photographers portfolio, or online gallery, so you can see the sort of work you will be expecting! 

Well, Now you have heard enough from me! I hope I can be a helpful voice in the many blurbs that exist, and I hope that I can give the same care and attention to your Senior, as they commemorate their accomplishments with a custom Photoshoot experience! 

And Now, Look! It's my Baby Sister! I'm not crying, you are!