Freaky Friday!

Happy Halloween weekend!!! It's so close, and actual Halloween is on a dumb, stupid school day, so just enjoy the weekend, especially if you're an adult, go get wasted, or stay home and get wasted, or just eat a literal pound of candy, dress up every day, scare children, hand out candy to strangers, do whatever.

Oh, by the way, this is a new, potential addition to the blog I'm messing with, so none of my beloved followers have to go more than two days without seeing new photos, hearing about what I've been doing, or just reading my amazing and genius ramblings.

Who else is planning to binge Stranger Things until they pass out tonight? Embrace nostalgia, watch children fight D&D monsters, stay current on a Netflix original, there's literally nothing to lose. No, but for real, I just rewatched the first season (which I recommend you do to, because damn, I forgot a bunch of stuff from the end), and I am PUMPED for season two! Speaking of, freaking check out Guinevere dressed up as Eleven!!!! My darling valentine can be obstinate, but she is ultimately my favorite muse (Nobody tell Preston and Bea). She has a remarkable ability to completely embody characters, takes direction like a boss, and poses with the fierceness and tenacity that only my daughter could.

My three little monsters are gonna be a unicorn, the mad hatter/Eleven, and (B)E(a).T. I will confiscate all their candy, so I don't have to buy any to give to trick-or-treaters (just kidding...mostly, I'm definitely stealing some of their candy, at least the Reeses pumpkin to make sure they're not poisoned). Chime in with your Halloween plans, and let's see those costumes!

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