Ann Arbor MI: Olivia Vs. The Law Library

I was in Ann Arbor Michigan recently, a darling, and historic city, 30 Miles West of Detroit. 

This Town is rich with colors, flavors, and is best known for housing one of the Nations most prestigious Universities, The University of Michigan. 

Founded in 1824, Ann Arbor quickly became a hub for Families, and Students. You can easily imagine life in the 1800's in this town. Original Buildings still stand everywhere, massive stone effigies, clock towers, cobblestone streets, and courtyards, paved in limestone. 

I quickly connected with many of the lovely people who live in Ann Arbor, and expressed interest in doing a photoshoot or 2. I felt like I couldn't leave this town without making connections, and perhaps capturing some great memories around such impressive architecture. 

I connected with Lauren, a Ann Arbor Resident, who was looking to surprise her Husband with photos of their daughter Olivia. I entrusted Lauren with choosing a location, and I met her in the Courtyard of the University of Michigan law library. 

The location was significant to Lauren, who had Engagement photos taken there, so bringing her Daughter to the same place, was indeed a special event. And I could not have been more enamored with every detail of this beautiful spot. It was truly out of a dream. 

I am so grateful to have connected to Ann Arbor, I made new friends, and I felt so very lucky to have been chosen to photograph this sweet toddler, against a backdrop one could only dream up. 

This is the part of my Job, that really isn't work at all, no, its more like, Exploring. ;) 


Xo Xo