Manic Monday: Boudie short!

Hello out there on this Monday! 

The last week has been busy, with shoots, and booking up my Boudoir weekend at the end of September! 

Boudoir is a specialty of mine, and my Boudoir services continue to expand as word spreads! In fact, this Septembers event is nearly booked up, and client demand has allowed me to enlist one of North East Wisconsins leading hair and makeup teams, Vamp artistry! 

So if you have ever had a interest, now is the time to book! And always, feel free to ask me anything, I could talk about Boudoir for days! 

This Mondays blog is more or less an alert about Boudoir weekend, and a reminder to book your appointment while Customer appreciation month is still running! 

I have so much in store this week, and I cannot wait to share the beautiful and diverse photo collections! 

Xo Xo