Manic Monday: ADD Much?

Hello all, and welcome to another edition of my Manic Monday Blog series, a weekly (Haha, well, it should be every week)  Blog about all things Brass Lens, and also, weird stuff about me! 

After the Holiday season came to a close, and I excitedly sent my kids back to school after Winter break, it was go-time! 

I launched an offshoot of the Brass Lens, dedicated to Boudoir, called Brass Lens Boudoir, or as you'll see in the logo, B.L.B. 

The website is still in the works, while my Boudoir is fortunately pretty well established, its certainly a task to take on branding it as its own business, and thinking of creative ways to engage people in conversations about the importance of the art. 

I will be talking a lot more about that in the future, I could go on for days about it, but I have tons of other projects I want to talk about today, so I'll just shamelessly plug my upcoming Boudoir event flier, and let you know that I have 2 make-up teams on board for the event! A.J. Miller of Vamp Artistry, and Pattie Dufeck, from A Mint Wedding! 


Aside from my Boudoir launch, I have been  continued my work with my core clients as their families grow, and change, and continue to accept new clients from everything to family photos, Weddings, and special events like Family get togethers!

This past Month I worked with a very special little "Rainbow Baby", continued my work with Apricot Lane, and took on an exciting project with a independently owned CPA firm! 

There is much more to come as Spring is around the corner, and thank goodness, right? This Winter stuff is getting old! Onto some sneak peaks of what I have been working on! 

Until Next time! 

Xo Xo