5 things you should know before you have your photoshoot

Here's a little Wisdom for ya'll, on this heavenly Wednesday!

I'm frequently asked a number of questions about how clients should prepare for their photoshoots, and I understand, because it can be unnerving, especially when so many of us Photographers operate on different levels! 

So Today, I compiled a list of 5 tips that will both educate, and (hopefully) amuse! 


1. Choose a color pallet, of more than 3 colors for clothing. 

I'm most frequently asked what clients should wear. 9 times out of 10, I respond by sending clients the same photos of a family clad in denim, and say "Just don't do this, and everything will turn out fine." 


On A serious note, my best suggestion is to choose a color pallet that suits you, and your families style. Clothing by no means, needs to match, but choosing colors that compliment each-other, gives a great sense natural cohesion for family photos. 

2. Act Naturally

I know, its hard to pretend like everything is ok, and act naturally, when you know damn well that you have a perpetual resting bitch face.  

For a Photographer, a lot of things matter in order to make a "good photo", but it can all fall apart when there is some obvious posing going on, you simply can't get "the feels" from a Photo that has people looking completely generic, and unfeeling. 


If a Photographer is posing you, know that its ok to deviate, and even interact with the people you are being photographed with. Do what feels right, and it will look good. 

3. Laugh! 

"Say Cheese", is simply not in my lexicon. Not there is anything wrong with that! Personally, I use other funny language, because rather than make you smile, I would like to see you laugh! 


Simply smiling, and connecting with the camera can make a for a decent photo, but capturing someone in a moment of genuine laughter is something of beauty. 

4. Ask if you can bring the family pet! 

Whether you are having photos done with a partner, your family, or even yourself, commemorating that moment, by including the animals that make your life complete makes for great, and meaningful photos. 


So don't be scared to ask your photographer about bringing the family pet! If you have a pet friendly location in mind, that is always helpful, if not, your photographer should know all of the animal friendly locations in your area! 

5. Just go with it! 

Of course, its in my job description to get good photos of clients. But we're all human, and sometimes for whatever reason, things go off the rails, and the moments that follow, can make for hillarious memories........Or internet fodder. 



I love a meaningful family photo, but I also can appreciate a well framed photo of a kid picking his nose, for all the world to see..... 



Mishaps, boogers, even theft, can all be caught on camera. The Photo Below, is my own 3 kiddos, engaged in simple interaction. My Daughter's face covered in blue ice cream (from the Ice Cream Truck she basically commandeered) My Son, freaking out, as my youngest Daughter stole his glasses. I just so happened to have my camera on me, and Im so glad, because this silly, unplanned, imperfect moment captures the joy, and relationship that my Children share. 


So there you have it! Take this advise into account, and you are sure to get some great Photos! 

xo xo