Downtown Depere Engagement session: Chelsea+Eli

I ain't too proud to beg. 

Its true. I would love to lead you to believe that I snagged this phenomenal couple because they reached out to me. 

Ha ha. No. 

Mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, I see Chelsea, a fiercely beautiful Woman, with Rose Gold Hair, and the most stunning, and Unique custom Engagement ring...... And I basically lured them to my house, doused them with compliments, Craft Brews, and won their hearts. SCORE. 

Chelsea and Eli Met a few years ago, in Wisconsin's Fox Valley. Both Students at the time, Chelsea and Eli were easily able to relate, Eli being a Film Student, and Chelsea studying Fine Arts at UW Stout. 

Chelsea and Eli hit it off fast, and quickly acclimated to their life together, moving to Menasha Wisconsin, and Securing Jobs as Potters, at a local Pottery. They spent their time together, generally being really, cool, and funny people, So  when the question of engagement happened, it just seemed natural to them. 

I could go on for days about all of the odd quirks I have come to love, in getting to know Chelsea and Eli. But most exciting for me, as a visual Artist, was getting to explore a bit of a departure from typical Engagement Sessions. Chelsea and Eli, being artists, deserved to have a Photo set that properly honored their personality, relationship, dynamic, and paid homage to their own background as Artists. 

We met on a cold October evening at my favorite Locally owned Coffee Shop, Luna Cafe, in Downtown Depere. We drank Coffee, laughed, and were followed by a Guy in a Top Hat, holding a Broken Uke. We hiked through Depere's beautiful Trail, hitting some of my favorite spots as a the Sun set. It all happened so seamlessly, as if I wasn't actually there doing my job, I was just casually snapping Photos, and geeking out about Art Stuff. 

The results, are dramatic, moody, and all together Elegant. I set out to pay special homage to Two Unique Artists, embarking on life together, and I am so happy when I see these Photos, I just think, "That is SO Chelsea and Eli". 

Without Further Ado-


Xo Xo