Manic Monday: Say it loud, say it proud!

Greetings on another addition of my Manic Monday series, where I catch up with everyone on current specials, projects I have been working on, and random personal happenings. 

I am happy to write, that I have been quite busy, the best kind of busy, in fact, the sort of busy that has me dancing to-and-fro. 

Singing, though, not so much. My Manic Pace managed to mega morph from a simple case of exercise induced Rhinitis, to full blown Laryngitis. 

As it sits now, my voice is barely a whisper, and I am told, that I basically just need to shut-up. 

See Video for hilarious proof-


Who can never be sure? Either way, my voice is easily expressed via written word, and I have so many exciting things to share! 

I Joined a gym, Yo! 

Its called Fire fitness, and they made me put a flaming F sign on my Van, to let everyone know I am ON FIRE! 
but seriously, it is a great new place with a a mission to be based in the community, empowering, and encouraging people to be the best versions of themselves through 30 minute, high intensity workouts. 

And that 30 minutes, that is precious, lemme telll ya it is effective as Hell, and is great for someone like myself, who has little more to give out of my day. 

I will be talking more about them in the future, because I believe that being your best self starts with mental and physical wellness, and that is a personal journey that becomes a lifestyle choice, over a trend. 


So my new fitness regime wreaked a little bit of havoc on my sinuses, no big deal, it happens, tis the season! But come Thursday, it was beginning to bother my throat, which was difficult, because I had the honor of being asked to be an expert speaker at The Brown County Library for a very informative series put on by my good friends at Fresh Digital marketing, called "Marketing in a Digital Age" which was a 6 part series for business minded community members, who could come in and learn about everything from SEO, Key words, and Pay-for-click advertising. 

I met so many incredible local and inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs and was able to speak about my experience in learning from Fresh Digital about how to use Google key words, and the many other marketing techniques to make my brand stand apart. 

Let me tell you, being considered among anyone, a expert on ANYTHING, was a trip. But it was one of the biggest honors of my adult career, and I was so happy to celebrate it afterwords with The gals from Fresh Digital, members of the series, and my Momma! 

So I rocked my way through my guest speaking gig, voice still failing, and another day of work on lifestyle shoots, and then onto the weekend, where I actually had a really fun day date in Appleton (Queue everyone going, AWWWWWW) but that was cut short, because I got a last minute call to shoot a Lingerie fashion show in Depere, to which I obliged, because, I live for underwear, duh. 

There is so much more ahead, including some new mini sessions, Senior Specials, and my upcoming Boudoir Weekend the weekend of May 11th and 12th, sign up, there are still a few slots left! 


Xo  Xo