A Door County Wedding: Gus and Stacy

On Todays Blog, is the Door County Wedding of Gus, and Stacy Graf! 

I struggled to assign some sort of descriptive Theme to Gus and Stacy's big day, and much like the pairing of Gus and Stacy, its simply too multi-faceted to put in a few short words.

I can say, This wedding, reminded me, of why I love living in Wisconsin, and Why I love the many Diverse groups of people in it.  I had met Gus years ago, as a result of being involved with Green Bay's music scene, a Scene that is still very strong, containing a tight knit group of Musicians and enthusiasts that give Green Bay a vibrancy like no other Town. 

Gus and Stacy hail from Algoma Wisconsin, a sleepy little town on the Door County Peninsula. Gus, Runs a Local Gas Station, oversee's several Rental Properties, and Plays Drums for Wisconsin's own Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones. Stacy Is equally, if not more, teaching 5th grade Students within the district. When they aren't busy with work, you can find them enjoying the local music scene, traveling, or staying on top of all things Sports. 

From Start to Finish, this wedding was filled with nods to the heritage Both Stacy and Gus share. The Ceremony took place in the Century old Shiloh Moravian Church, in Sturgeon Bay. This Monument of faith is one to be admired, its History, clearly stated at its doorstep. Yet, with all of its past stories, it welcomes you brightly, to make new History, and stories of your own. 

Just a few Miles away, Lays the incomparable Southern Door County Farming Communities. These Communities hold special ties to both Bride and Groom, More Notably Stacy, whose Family has owned and farmed the land there for generations. So, when the question of where Gus and Stacy should hold their Reception came about, Holding it at Stacy's Childhood home (And working Farm) came with a resounding, "Hell Yes". 

With These idyllic locations decided upon, its details almost seemed to delicately fall into its rightful place. Wildflowers, plucked from obscurity, Darling little pies from a local bakery, heirloom family photos displaying generations past. Stacy, along with her Mother, set out to not just use antiques for display, but to take great care in using items that had been used in their family for generations, from Ovens, to egg baskets. 

This stunningly simple concept of a Reception held on a Family farm was then interwoven to include the parts of Gus and Stacy that bring them Joy, Music being a main theme. Musicians and Dear Friends of both Gus and Stacy, and of the Local Music Scene, entertained guests through out the night. Meanwhile, a D.J. Spun records.... Yeah, You read it right, actual Vinyl, records. Guests were treated to custom Wisconsin Brews courtesy of Ahnapee Brewery, and took home Custom made "Gus" and "Stacy" Pins as wedding favors. 

And with that, I need to stop....... Every extra Line I write is just holding ya'll back from what is really important here; THE PHOTOS!! 

So without Further Ado, I present, The Graf Wedding!