Emily+Luke: A simple Twist Of Fate

I am so excited to share this weeks special blog! 

Luke and Emily, are a young couple, at the cusp of their youth, at 22, and wildly in love with another. 22 seems so young, but their souls are old, and bursting with character and passion that inspires me to create. 

After scrolling numerous Photography websites for their wedding, they were referred to me, because I was that special kind of off-beat artist that might be able to appreciate their aesthetic and add my own flair. 

Upon meeting Luke and Emily, it was clear that we were a perfect match. We shared similar upbringings, all being homeschooled, and sharing a deep appreciation for Art, Music, and Film Photography. 

I was overjoyed to have been asked to tell their story, and even more honored when Luke pitched a concept for a photoshoot that immediately inspired a vision that ended up connecting with the both of them on a deep level. 

Lovers of all things vintage and folksy, I thought of Luke and Emily as a Young Bob Dylan, and the 1960's socialite who inspired much of Andy Warhols work, Edie Sedgwick. Dylan and Sedgwick had a rumored romance, both at the height of their youth, and creativity, so it screamed out to me that this would be a great concept for a shoot. 

Emily and Luke were not only on board, but completely overjoyed that I understood what they wanted without even verbalizing it. And as it ends up, Luke is such a huge Dylan fan, he recently saw him in concert! 

Within a couple of days from the conception of our idea, we pulled together outfits, props, and Emily and Luke came to my house so I could glam up Emily. 

The results, were magical. And shooting at my new home in Depere, ended up working out perfect. It certainly helped that Luke and Emily were like my own Barbie dolls, absolutely so fun to work with. 

I should really just shut my mouth already, ya'll gotta see this set. 

It really was a simple twist of fate that brought us all together, and Magic was the result. 

Xo Xo