Paul+Dustin; Engagement session

Hello all! On Todays blog, I am featuring an engaged couple, Paul and Dustin, who became both my clients, and people whom I call dear friends! 

I initially met with Paul and Dustin at my home for a wedding consult earlier this year. We hit it off so well, Paul ended up throwing his debit card at me (no joke) and booking me to be their Wedding Photographer on the spot! 

It was easy to become smitten with this power couple, who both exude such compassion, and sincerity in their love for one another. 

Paul and Dustin live on the West side of Green Bay, along with their  Dog-child, Emma. Paul through himself into wedding planning with plenty of time to spare, and has integrated both he and Dustin's interests into every aspect of their wedding. 

Paul, being a lover of all things whimsy, and all things crafty, booked The Wedding ceremony to take place at Heritage Hill. In taking consideration into Dustin's love of Comic books, super heroes, and namely The Green Lantern, Paul found ways to work superhero themes into their wedding day, and into their wedding parties outfit selections. 

When summer came around, we discussed doing engagement Photos at Heritage Hill, which ties in wonderfully to their wedding. But with me on the helm, I suggested we have a 2 part engagement session, and head to Powers comics in Green Bay. Powers Comics is a locally owned comic book store that has been around for over 10 years now, and has been a family favorite for so many different families. 

We made an afternoon out of taking photos, gossiping, and creating memories at Heritage Hill, and Powers. I love the genuine chemistry Paul and Dustin share, and the photos truly speak for themselves! 

 What I cherish even more, is the spirit of adventure Paul and Dustin have! It is such a beautiful thing, when I get to integrate my passion for working with local businesses along with my clients. It was so much fun to make this connection, and I am totally geeking out about how much fun it was to make photos in a comic book store! 

Without further ado, the photos! 

Xo Xo