Manic Monday: Season Of Change

Hello out there, and welcome to another edition of my Manic Monday series! 

My Manic Monday series is a bit of a catch all of my recent shoots, and allows me to share some aspects of my personal life as well. 

And holy cats, ya'll, I have had some big changes as of late! 

I moved! I moved! And Lord, moving sucks. But its over, and now my Kids and I can proudly proclaim that we are residents of Depere! I snagged a darling 1947 stucco Bungalow overlooking the Fox River. 

Moving was bittersweet, and stressful, but it was a much needed end of one chapter in my life, and the beginning of another one. I look forward to the new beginning for my kids and I, and all the potentially awkward, and terrifying moments that comes with Single Mom-hood, and the perils of running a business, and keeping a home. 

You guys, just look, my house is just darling! 

As if Moving, and starting a new school year, I have been fortunate enough to stay busy with business too! I am not complaining, so hey, keep it coming! And as a quick note, I extended Customer appreciation month until the end of September! 

Last week had me shooting Fall Fashion on location with Apricot Lane Green Bay. We had such a blast, and got to romp around Botanical Gardens, and Hinterland Brewery, both of which were outrageously accomodating to our whole crew! And outside of of Apricot lane, I remain loyal to my clients, and loyal friends, who continue to book me for family shoots, and headshots. 

Its been busy, and I am positively grateful that I am able to surround myself with the wonderful people that have held me, and my business up. Much love to everyone, and without further ado- here are some sneak peaks! 

Xo Xo