Duket Wedding: Way more, than 2 people uniting.

On today's Wedding Wednesday blog, the Duket wedding! 

When Laura and Billy met 2 years ago, it was a family affair from the very start. Laura has 2 lovely daughters, Rosa (10) and Lexi (7), and Billy has a Son, Tristan (5) from previous relationships. 

Both Laura and Billy, knew from the very start, that they were head-over-heels for not just each-other, but for one another's Children. Deciding to marry, and officially merge their families as one, felt like the most natural transition, as if if it was always meant to be this way. Both Laura and Billy made sure their children were apart of every step of both the wedding planning, and the ceremony itself. 

And so on July 1st, 2017, at Green Bay's always stunning Botanical gardens, two families committed themselves in marriage. 

Without further ado, the photos! 

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