Grow Vera, Grow!


Not a word that really works well in the context of a baby being born just shy of 31 weeks gestation, and weighing in at 3 lbs, 2 oz. 

Arriving Fashionably early, isn't really a "thing", But little Ms. Vera Ann makes her own rules. 

And 9 weeks later, after a lot of fearful nights, triumphs, and setbacks, I got to meet this little doll.

First Born of Bethany and Tyler, the pregnancy seemed to be going well, until a trip to the ER resulted in some bedrest,  and subsequent release. Then an episode of labor so quick, Bethany barely felt anything at all, before arriving at the hospital, beyond a point where labor could be stopped, and Ms Vera made her terrifying, and triumphant appearance into a world, we all would have gladly waited to see. 

But Vera, I get you girl, you do you. Its a bit unorthodox, but you just make your own rules. Girl friend, you have your own style, And I can say, un behalf of everyone, we appreciate your gusto, because you have made it past so many odds. We kept saying, Grow Vera, Grow. 

And you did. 

Now may I present, 

Darling Vera Ann.