Woller Wedding: Even the Sun aligned

On Today's blog, the Woller Wedding! One, of breathtaking significance, decades in the making. 

When Shelby and Ryan approached me, inquiring about whether or not I was willing to shoot a wedding that was broken up into 2 days, I was immediately interested. Being a story teller of sorts, I am always enthusiastic to shine a light on unique, and heartwarming stories to share with the world. 

Shelby and Ryan's wedding would take place on Tuesday, June 20th, at Pamperin Park. Their Wedding reception, would follow on Saturday, June 24th, at Downtown Green Bay's Lyric room

But, who gets married on a Tuesday, right? 

Shelby explained to me, that this particular day held a meaning that spans beyond comprehension, and that even the Rotational axis of our Earth, to our Sun validated this. 

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017, marked the Wedding  anniversaries of Ryan's Grandparents, as well as his great Grandparents. Shelby knew that Ryan's Grandparents shared these anniversaries, but she recognized that in this particular year, it also fell on the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice has been recognized, and celebrated by cultures around the world since ancient times. It's importance is both rooted in the Astronomy, as well as the spiritual meaning of the Sun's ascension around our Earth. 

Individual beliefs, and interpretations vary from those who mark the day as being the longest of the year, or even the Ancient Druid cultures, whom constructed sacred sites (Think Stonehenge) for rituals and ceremonies to be conducted on the Solstice days. 

For Those in touch with the significance of The Solstice, its spiritual meaning can take on one of true celebration of , love, and enlightenment, and unity with the universe. 

For Generations, Ryan's Grandparents celebrated June 20th as the anniversary of their wedding, and this year, Shelby and Ryan joined in. In response, the Sun responded and gave us its highest solute.