It all comes full circle: Meet Henley

I'm so very excited to share todays special blog! 

You may have seen Jeremy and Rachelle featured here before. I'm lucky enough to have been chosen to be the special person who gets to tell their story through my Lens. 

Starting with their Backyard Wedding, in Chilton Wisconsin, to their Miracle Pregnancy (If you had not previously read about their story, you can check out that blog here) to the Birth of their Darling Daughter, Henley. 

I was thrilled to have been invited back to where The Robbins Story Started, at their 1800's Victorian home, where their Wedding took place. Getting to meet Henley, and talk with Rachelle, whom I have become so incredibly close to since meeting, was truly a gift. We have enough background, to speak openly, and frankly about how our life's are not always "picture perfect", we can talk about fears, Cats, and how joyous, and tremendously frightening, raising your first Child can be. 

More than anything, that day, the day, I got to meet Darling Henley, I was given the Gift of  experiencing tremendous feelings of emotion, when as an Artist, I got to bring my work, full circle. 

From a Wedding

From their Wedding--

To their Miracle Pregnancy---

To The moments of Anticipation--

To their building a life, with so much passion, for a child they were told they would never have--

And Suddenly, the circle is complete. 

I cannot, describe to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, the immense sense of Pride I take, in getting to be witness, and story teller for each of your life's special journeys. 

I will fight to be your Family Photographer. Because I want for all of you, to have these unbreakable, tangible moments of your life, family heirlooms, passed through generations. 

Enough about me, though. The Stars here, are the Robbins family! 

You'll see here, the amount of love, and thought, put in by Jeremy and Rachelle, and the handmade mementos throughout Henley's darling Nursery, crafted by loved ones, in dedication to Henley's precious new life. 

I'm so excited to share this set, and I am so excited to be any part of The Robbin's family story. 

Without Further Ado: 

Xo Xo