Ryan and Molly say "I Do!"

As Summer is coming to a close, I am able to keep its warm thoughts, and lasting memories fresh with photos! 

As I have been editing the Nuptials from this July 2nd  wedding, I am suddenly so in touch with every emotion from that day. 

I was introduced to Ryan, by my husband, who works with him at Lambeau field. Getting to meet any of my husbands co-workers  is such a interesting experience, because I am sure more times than not, they see him more than I do!

I was fortunate enough to book a consult with Ryan, where I met his now lovely Wife, Molly, who is, by the way, the antithesis of a Bridezilla. Molly's calm Demeanor, and sweet Smile makes you feel like you could conquer anything. And Come Wedding day, Molly kept a sense of Grace that was magnetic. 

Good thing too, Word has it, Ryan was the one with all of the jitters ;) 

It seemed just like that, a zip of the dress, exchanging of the Vows, and a "I Do", and Ryan and Molly had sealed the deal with a kiss! Of course we all know what happens after that, hugs, kisses, congratulatory hand shakes, and you are whisked away for Photos, and because you're with me, fun! 

The wedding party spent the next several hours with myself, partying in multiple locations, including Down Town Green Bay's Hagemeister Park, and the City Deck. Beer Flowed like Wine, and high-fives were had. And through every single moment of that day, and into the night, I saw Ryan, with a Smile so big on his face, that I don't think Satan himself could slap it off. 

When I think about this perfect July day, I think of Ryan, smiling non-stop, because he knew he had just married his Soul Mate. 

And that, my friends, is what weddings are about! 

With out further ado, the Photos!