Truckey Wedding: Amy+Mike

On Todays Blog, is the Truckey Wedding! 

Hotly anticipated by many who surrounded Amy and Mike on their big day, because this day was nothing short of theatrical. 

Monster Trucks, Choppers, Burn Outs, Babes, beer, and some Brotherly Love. 


Have  I painted a intriguing enough picture yet? Well, it gets better, because upon meeting the Bride and Grooms Wedding Parties I exclaimed "Are these even your real Friends? Or Stand-ins hired from a Modeling Agency?!" 

I kid you not, not only was this entire wedding party an absolute joy to work with, they were probably the most attractive group of people I have ever seen! 

Mike and Amy met at a Bar, in Green Bay through Mutual Friends. A Year and a Half Later, While camping, Mike Proposed (in what appears to be a trend for him totally over the top) under a waterfall. 

Amy Works as a Nurse, and Mike is a Fire Fighter Paramedic, so they basically are the Poster for the most successful couple ever. 

Mike and Amy have a absolutely magnetic relationship, playing off of each-others whims with elegance, and grace. It is no surprise that they are surrounded with such dynamic, and well rounded friends. 

Post Nuptials, we trekked to Mikes Family Property in Sobieski Wisconsin, where I had no idea what was truly in store--- I was told we would take Photos near Rail road tracks (being honest, I was like, #ew) but when I arrived, I realized that this location, in a wooded area, surrounded by old abandoned Farms, was a Photographers dream come true. 

The Typical Male, Mike wanted to include his Truck, and Motorcycle in his Photos. 

LOL- Oh Mike, Dear Mike, as I mentioned, doesn't do anything a little bit, He is kinda over the top. That "truck", was no lie, a Monster Truck. And the Motorcycle was no Honda Goldwing, but a Custom Chopper. In addition to these Photo requests, Mike was lovingly gifted new Tires for said Monster Truck as a gift from Amy that Morning, and thought he ought to commemorate his big day by doing Burnouts with his Bride, because, hey, He was getting new Tires anyway! 

Admittedly, as someone who is somewhat, I don't know, "Not very acclimated to Country stuff", these Photo requests objectively sounded like they could be very cliche, Hell, even Redneck. But I honestly underestimated Mike's vision. 

Mike Loves big Statements, and he has a Hell of a Eye. His Bride, Amy, is a absolute Babe, just a knockout, and everything from the property he brought us to, to his Custom Truck, and Bike, was the perfect picture of Composition. 

As a Photographer, it is my job to take these theatrical concepts, and tell a Story that conveys the power, drama, and beauty of those moments. Mike, unknowingly challenged me to really think and act intuitively with some very "out there" ideas. And putting together this Photo Blog really reminded me about that. Most of all, I realized how very big, and Grand these Ideas of his were- not as a shallow "Hey, looks at my neat stuff" kind of thing, but a Overwhelmingly Stunning Portrait of the Passion, and Love he Feels for his Wife. 

And to that, I must say, I am blown away. 

Secondary to every Well Executed vision, is its participants, and I must say, Working with The Entire Wedding Party was a Joy, from Start to Finish. I am thrilled, with every silly moment, posed, unposed, These Photos make me laugh, and make even me, an outsider, feel positively overwhelmed with the power of support, and Love this Wedding Party showed to the Bride and Groom. So, a Huge Kudos to them, for adding such joy and Character to this totally unforgettable day. 

Buckle your seat belts Kids, Monster Trucks are in your Future, 


Xo Xo