Welcome to the world, Darling Amara!

Hello, and welcome! 

I normally do a weekly wrap-up blog on Mondays, but I figured I would deviate from the norm, and bring some sunshine and new life, as we start this week! 

On this weeks blog, is The Robbins family, whose entire extended family has become dear friends and clients as they have have expanded and reached many special milestones. 

From Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, Maternity Photos, and now the arrival Of Nathan and Kara's first child, Darling Amara! 

It has been such a special journey to witness as Kara and Nathan have grown together, obtaining their education, careers, their first home, and now watching them become parents has been so heartwarming. I am merely a conduit to the rest of the world through which their story is told, and it is a reminder of why I love my job so much! 

Without further ado, 

Welcome, Baby Amara!