Manic Monday: The most perfect weekend ever, and the case of the missing teeth.

Greetings, from Sunny Flo----

What, this Glorious weather we are having is a Wisconsin fall? 

Superstitions aside, I am digging the calm, and cool weather we are having! With such unseasonably warm weather, I could be ripping out the rotten pavers in my yard, tearing down the yard furniture, and maybe get a head start on hanging Christmas lights, but eh, I could just play in parks all day with clients, and pet all the Doggos. 

With Wedding Season over for me, I am working on finishing up all of these overwhelmingly lovely photo sets, along with some other special projects with some local business's, and gearing up for my most popular event of the year, Holiday Mini's! Which, if you haven't seen the advertising for it yet, gimme a "Holla!"

With the close proximity of the Holiday Season approaching, I took the opportunity to FINALLY get photos of my own Kids! Yeah, I know, there is this hilarious, and untrue assumption, that I must have millions of Photos of my own kids, and sadly, I don't. Its kind of like the Shoemakers kids not having Shoes, right? 

The Hilarious truth of being a Photographer, and being a Parent is- your own kids are always the most difficult. I honestly question whether my kids are that bad, or, that I feel like my ability to take a good photo rides on the backs of my screaming spaztastic spawns. Probably the latter. 

I suppose, its those difficult moments, of challenge, and of laughter, that help me stay sharp for my regular clients. In fact, now that I think of it, maybe it gives me the kind of edge I need, to be able to transition from Engagement photos, to Family Photos, to Senior Photos, all in the same day. No joke, this past weekend was just as busy as my Summer weekends are, and the weather was perfect, here is just a few samples from my latest sessions! 


I could not be happier with the above sessions, it was great to meet new clients, and see some of my most cherished customers, as they move onto exciting life events! 

My Weekend Grand Finale, ended with a bang, actually, a few tugs, some blood, and 2 lost teeth. 

No joke. 

 That awkward moment, when your Son realizes his Tooth is ready to come out......

That awkward moment, when your Son realizes his Tooth is ready to come out......

One minute, you are taking Photos (Or trying to) Of your kids, the next thing you know, your kid pulled out his own tooth. 

Not to be upstaged, Guinevere, my middle daughter, pulled out a tooth at a friends house, several hours later. And no, I don't have a photo of that, I was damn tired. haha. 

A day I will never forget, As much as I say how difficult it can be to get photos of my own kiddos, I still scan through their set, and think that they are truly the most beautiful, talented, and funny kids in the world. In the end, I hope that my skill-set, properly honors just how precious, and sweet my babies are. <3 

To my Preston, Guinevere, and Beatrix, 

I Love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I am living, my babies (three) you'll be. 

Xo Xo