Wedding Wednesday: Kelly+Sebastian


On todays blog is the Nuptials of Kelly and Sebastian! 

I was so excited when I was asked to capture Kelly and Sebastian special day. Kelly and Sebastian were not just uniting as husband and wife, but they were joining their families as one. This is something very special to my heart, having been raised in a blended family, and because I too have a blended family, and I understand just how special it is to truly be accepted as a whole unit. 

Kelly and Sebastian made sure that from beginning to end, the days festivities centered around their family as a whole, and included their children in every aspect, including walking their parents down the aisle! 

Heartfelt speeches, tons of laughs and the most warm and welcoming extended family and friends I have had the pleasure to meet. 

Secondary to the immense amount of gratitude I felt to be able to capture the days events, was the fact that the wedding took place at Lambeau field! Like, holy cats, should I have prefaced this entire blog with that? 

Well, at any rate- I love my clients, I love my job, and football Season is nigh! Get pumped ya'll! And now I present to you, the photos! 

Xo Xo