Robbins Maternity Photos: Miracles happen

A little over a Year ago, after a series of events that can only be described as random, and magical, I ended up in Chilton Wisconsin, at a 1800's farm house, Photographing a backyard wedding. I was hired just 1 day before the ceremony. 

With just 30 minutes before the ceremony began, I introduced myself for the first time, to the Bride and groom. Knowing nothing about each-other, we took giant leaps of faith, and dove head first into what would be my most popular, and most nationally published Photo set to date. 

 A Fall Wedding, and a Fall baby.

A Fall Wedding, and a Fall baby.

Rachelle and Jeremy Robbins, and their fearless wedding party, trudged through Chiltons Ledgview Nature center, down steep cliffs, escarpments, and fields without complaint. I realized I had met my match in Rachelle, whose warm smile, and calm demeanor, welcomed adventure.

The Photos tell a beautiful story, and that is what Photos do. But sometimes, a Photo can mean so much more, when you understood just what it took, to get to that milestone. In Rachelle's case, that Milestone was Pregnancy. 

When Rachelle and Jeremy first began dating, Rachelle disclosed from the very start, that she would not be able to have kids, something, hard to say, and even harder to say to someone you have only just met. Rachelle, suffered from Cervical Cancer 5 years before, and was told she would never be able to have children. 

But Jeremy and Rachelle were meant to be, and Jeremy did not let that get in the way of his wanting to spend the rest of his life with the Woman he loved. 


So with love in their Hearts, Jeremy and Rachelle married, and began their life together. But just like a series of weird, magical events brought me to the Robbins, a Series of weird, Magical events led to Rachelle discovering she was Pregnant this past Summer. 

Not only was Rachelle Carrying a child she thought would never come to be; She was already 6 months along! 

I know what you are thinking, "How could you not know?" But it can be so easy to misconstrue signs when you believe that pregnancy is not in the cards for you. So Rachelle, and her Medical team, were truly astonished. 

But just like that, some things are meant to be, I was meant to randomly meet the Robbins, they were meant to Marry in the Fall, and despite the odds, bring a Child into the world, the very next fall. 

Miracles happen, and it is oh so lovely. 

Xo Xo