Lifestyle Sessions with the Brass Lens

Lifestyle Photography sessions have been around for quite some time, but thanks to photo sites like Pinterest, it has been capturing the interest of families everywhere, looking for a truly authentic experience, that captures the dynamic of each unique family. 

I began offering Lifestyle photography sessions in my off season, and have really enjoyed this laid back and fun experience. My personal photography style is a perfect mix for this style of photography, which aims to frame simple family moments as they happen. 

I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with The Mineau family, who is one of the most excellent examples of how planning  a simple, yet meaningful family activity to be photographed, can translate into absolute gold! Mother (Elizabeth), shamelessly withheld her children's first experience with Oreo's until someone could capture the real joy of its sugary goodness, and I thank her for that, because giving kids too much sugar is kind of my wheelhouse! 

Seemingly simple concepts like Making a Pizza, eating cookies, or reading as a family is the perfect script to allow families to interact, and be captured as they are. I loved my time with this very photogenic, and animated family! I see these kiddo's precious faces, and know that these memories we made, will be frozen in time forever, and that really warms my heart. 

Please take a look at this lovely set, and consider making your own precious memories with me! 

Xo Xo