Manic Monday: HOT HOT HOT!

Welcome back for a long overdue Manic Monday blog! 

My Manic Monday blog series is a great way for me to sort of catch up with my audience, and share with ya'll some of the work I have been doing, and share tons of exclusive sneak peaks of all the amazing individuals I have been photographing! 

As I mentioned before, this Blog is long overdue! My Summer has been a whirlwind of some unfortunate personal drama, and even death. I can say with all honesty, that this has been one of the most difficult years of my life; And that if it were not for my family, friends, and my business, I would probably be curled up in a ball outside of The Crisis center! 

In recognition of the wealth and support I have received from my family, friends and, clients, I am hosting my first annual Customer Appreciation Month, all through out August! You'll be able to book everything from family photo sessions, senior sessions, and even Boudoir, for the lowest rates I offer! If you are interested in booking your spot, please message or call me today! 

customer appreciation.jpg


It has been little thing lately that bring me joy, thats the weird thing about going through tough times, it kind of causes you to slow down, and appreciate every moment you got. For instance, I was honored to have been asked to take my dear friend from high-school's family photos. My Oldest Son whom is 12 tagged along on this shoot so he could meet my friend Stephanie and her family. Stephanie's family includes 4 kids, 2 of which she shares with her husband Sebastian, whom is a native of France, along with his 2  who visit from France each summer. I took family photos as I normally do, with the exception of Sebastian acting as translator for his French speaking Daughters. As I wrapped up the shoot and walked to the car with my Son, he looked me dead in the eyes and said, "If those girls don't speak English, how do their parents understand them?"  I looked back at him, waiting for him to realize what he had said, and replied, "Oh My Lord, Preston-Kids don't come out of the womb speaking some random language, honey, they live in France!" 

Preston realized his silly line of questioning, we laughed, and I proceeded to tell everyone I knew about that, and now I am telling you guy! Sorry Preston ;) 

In addition to my family shoots, I have had engagement shoots, and my weekly fashion shoots at Apricot Lane. I have also started the exciting transition into working with small business start-ups. 

My work with so many different people in the community on a individual basis, has led me to recognize how I have the ability to connect clients, to other local business's, and shine a light on how truly special our community is. 

And you guessed it, I have previews of all of it! 

Ya'll have been the Wind beneath my wings, and all that sappy crap. No lie. 

And now, for the photos- 

Xo Xo