Manic Monday: Lets do the time warp!

Greetings, on another Manic Monday! 

I've had a hodgepodge of projects and creative collaborations afoot, and have been taking the moments to actually follow through on my whims! 

The results have been oddly cathartic, and unsurprisingly weird. 

As a apart of my Boudoir business, I have been collaborating with another local business owner of a Boudoir, an intimate apparel boutique in the heart of downtown Depere. 

Our time together is filled with humor, positivity, and dreaming up ideas that are serving our loyalty to our work in spotlighting the unique beauty each of us has to offer. 

Among other events still in the making, I am pairing up with Boudoir in Depere, to put on a VIP party

  I am so excited to roll out the first of many exciting events that I have in store with several different collaborations! 

And duh, Its a Bra Party, Yo! 
A link will be provided this weekend to purchase your reservation to this event. 
We have 20 spots available, so reserve your spot as soon as you can! 
Your $50 reservation pays in spades! 

*You will have an exclusive evening to use your ticket to receive $25 off of your in store purchase at Boudoir
*A personal bra fitting
* $25 can be credited to your next Boudoir Photo session with Brass Lens Boudoir, or as a deposit towards a exclusively priced 1 night only deal. 

A bartender wil be on hand serving up Pink Champagne Margeritas, and we have Charcuterie trays from our favorite locally owned deli, infi.DELI.ty De Pere!

We will be spinning Records all night, so sign up with a friend, and bring your favorite vinyl! 

Its gonna be a great party, yo! 



In addition to my Boudoir work, I had a creative collaboration with a local Model/Fashion Designer and another locally based Photographer at my home last week! It was so much fun because by day, I shoot Boutique fashions, and Sydney is one of the models I met through that boutique. Then by night, we play with creative ideas and darken up the mood a bit. 

Nothing I enjoy more than the diversity of Photography, it creates boundless ideas! 

And back on the home front, I have been able to play around with my kids (much to their dismay) with photo ideas. But I don't what they think. They are so adorable, and this is among the least traumatizing things that I could embarrass them with. 

My middle Daughter, Guinevere, is a sight to be behold. Guinevere is a budding artist in her own write, and his been copying font since age 2. She is a beauty so different from me. Tall, thin, blonde, and blue eyed, as a model, she has such intensity, and diversity. 

We did a couple of set ideas with Guinevere doing a bit of a tribute to her favorite musical artist, St. Vincent, then a 80's synth Androgyny tribute in the vein of Eleven, from Stranger things. 

This past weekend, I actually got my whole little clan together for a sort of Kitchy 1950's All American family shoot. I have a Mid-modern style home, and my kitchen is just perfect for that sort of thing to take place. 

It ended up being really meaningful in hind site. I realized this was the first time since we moved, that we had our pictures all together. And even bigger, as I am modeling this sort of 1950's polished family, I am doing so as a Single Mom of 3. This was not exactly the 50's Archetype, and its funny to me I model as housewife, when in reality, I'm head honcho. ;) 


Lastly, I have some exciting news about an upcoming collaboration with a local Artist, who it ends up, is as weird as me. A slew of ongoing jokes sort of rolled into a tidal wave of creative ideas, and is taking form in a more tangible manner! 

Specific details are to follow, but- I AM STARTING A PODCAST, YA'LL! 

Its gonna be great, probably the coolest podcast of all time. And even more exciting, is that the format will allow for us to reach out the community we love so much. 

Yeah, prepare yourselves, things are about to get weird! 

Xo Xo