Ryott's fabulous 1st!

I've got bad news for ya'll. 

The following, will cause you to feel like you probably should throw in the towel for your child's next birthday party. 

Thats right, this birthday was straight up, BONKERS. It had everything: Cake, candy, Bounce houses, Photo-booths, AND a Cat with a Hitler mustache. 

Before I gush about the details, (AND THERE ARE TONS) I should preface this lovely photo set, with a bit of backstory. 

I met Amber, the party planner extraordinaire, 6 months ago, when she hired me to do her daughter, Ryott's photos. I met with Amber in her home for photos, and we hit it off pretty quick, identifying with our love of all things weird, and the love of our family. 

It became pretty clear to me, and I think anyone who knows Amber, could tell you that one of the most important people in her life, is her Sister, Sierra. Amber could tell you, that Sierra was more excited than anyone, for Ryott to be born, and was with Amber every step of the way, from her Pregnancy, to Ryott's Birth. 

As Fate would have it, Sierra was able to indulge in the joy's of being an Aunt for a short period of time, before being tragically killed in a car accident. Heartbroken, Amber did the only thing she could, and that meant that she would keep Sierra involved in her daughters life, even after death. 

I know this all went downhill really fast, you guys, but there is life, after death. Sierra lives on in a important way, she is even present, at a Memorial Table that Amber intends on putting out for every Birthday. On that Table, is a book, with a hand written note from Sierra, to her Niece. 

 A love letter, from a Aunt, taken too soon.

A love letter, from a Aunt, taken too soon.

Amber admittedly, through herself into party planning (which, spoiler alert, she started when she was in the hospital giving birth to Ryott, so don't feel too undercut, Mom's and Dads) after her Sisters death. Her Friends took heed, and helped Amber along the way, even driving from Indianna, with a U-haul full of Birthday decor. 

The hard work, and effort from Amber, her Friends, and some excellent small Businesses paid in Spades. I don't think I have ever seen such a grand set-up for a Birthday, to boot, I have never seen people more dedicated to helping a friend, and celebrating life, the life of Ryott. 

I am not sure I can speak for everyone, but I can say from my perspective, this wasn't just a Birthday, it was fully loaded with emotion, and love, it was truly a demonstration of the life, and memories a Mother wanted to create for her Daughter...... And knowing all the turbulence that Amber went through to make this happen, honestly choked me up.

One thing is for Damn sure, Little Ryott is SO LOVED, she is in for a lifetime of unique experiences, and I am so very happy to witness that. 




Aren't you OBSESSED with this party? 

Well, I got the Deets for you, right here! These Vendors did an excellent job in making this party everything Amber ever wanted, and she has absolutely rave reviews about everyone who participated in this special day! 

Cake: Monzu Bistro, Green Bay WI

Candy/confectionary: Albanese Candy

Banners, Signs, Labels: Shindigz party supplies, South Whitley, IN

Props/Pinata/creative Genius: Debbie Echevarria