Local Business Spotlight: Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

Today is World Animal Day! World Animal day is a day of awareness concerning Animal Rights and welfare.  This day is celebrated each year, on Feast Day of St. Francis Asisis, The Patron Saint of animals...... Somewhat Random Information, right? But hey, "the more you know".

You have just been enriched, you're welcome. 

In addition to today being a day to raise awareness about Animal Rights, it is also my Birthday! The big 3-0! I really don't care to celebrate getting older, or losing the wistfulness of my 20's, so I will instead spotlight a cause I care about deeply..... CATS.

It feels like we are in a cultural landscape thick with self professed "Crazy Cat Ladies", And many Men have joined the revolution. From Coffee mugs, T-shirts, Taylor Swift, to Grumpy Cat, Animals of the Feline Persuasion are So In this Season.

One could assume that this Bodes well for our Furry friends, but the truth is, this Cultural fad has done little, if nothing, to Bring attention to the numerous populations of Abused, homeless, and disabled Cats, who so badly need a chance........ 

In comes Elizabeth Feldhausen of Green Bay Wisconsin. Elizabeth is certainly a "Crazy Cat Lady" If I have ever met one, and to be honest, constantly hearing people use the generic explanation to describes ones self as "liking Cats", really is not all that endearing any more. But Elizabeth stands above the rest, "liking" Cute furry Kitties is certainly a pre-requisite to crazy cat lady-dome, but starting a Non Profit Pet Rescue, specializing in rescuing Disabled Pets? Why, thats the kind of stuff that had St. Francis Assis Canonized! 


Elizabeth Founded the 501(c) 3 No Kill Shelter this past year called, "Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary" Though Elizabeths fondness of Cats started in her youth, it was her experience with her own Rescue Cats that opened her eyes to a Tragic Truth: Perfectly lovely Cats with the potential to love as good as any other Pet, are being Euthanized, because their disabilities make them "un-adoptable" Or "Untrainable". 



With all of the Proper Legal documents in place, and a heart full of love, Elizabeth has made a name for herself, and her cause in our Greater Green Bay Community. I had come to know Elizabeth through some mutual Creative Projects within our tight-knot Business Community, and quickly found myself akin to the compassion, and oddity that Elizabeth possessed. I quickly volunteered my time and effort to help advance this noble cause, and have so enjoyed watching the lives of so Many Once "Doomed" Cats, find loving homes suited to their needs. 


The good news is, if you're a pet lover, you don't have to start a Rescue to help out special needs pets, there is so much you can do to help! Safe Haven is always accepting donations, and is currently seeking Foster Families. If you would like to donate, you can do so here. If you are interested in Fostering, or volunteering, you can do so here

I can attest to the awesome opportunity that Fostering has brought to our own Family. I recently welcomed "Bobby", a 1.5 year old Tabby Cat that was slated for Euthanasia just hours before he was rescued. Myself, and my Children were certainly not looking to adopt a 2nd cat, we love our Sassy Siamese Mix, "Luna", but Bobby absolutely stole our hearts, so we are happy to say that he has a permanent home with us!


Xo Xo