A Starry wedding at the Meyer

What I am about to share with ya'll, is surely a work of staggering Genius. 

I recently was invited to a up-and-coming Venue in Green Bay, called, "Backstage At The Meyer". This Venue was built onto Green Bay's historic Meyer Theatre, and is nestled right in the heart of Downtown Green Bay, making it a very desirable, and exciting location for special events! I decided after touring the Venue, that it would be an ideal location to have a Stylized shoot, that would demonstrate the many different opportunities the space has to offer to potential Patrons. 

I am sure you are wondering what a Stylized shoot is, and simply, it is a term "Creatives" use to describe a type of photoshoot that was born of a concept, and essentially is acted out, either with models, products, or locations. Stylized shoots can benefit parties in numerous ways, and in my particular case, it was ten fold. The Main goal for this particular event was to showcase the talents, and products of business owners, and really shine a light on a new Venue that we really felt passionate about. Additionally, great photo sets can easily be picked up by local and national publications, giving all parties involved great exposure to new markets. 

Once the opportunity arose to put on a stylized shoot, I decided to resurrect a concept I have been kicking around since age 10, that involved turn-of-the-century Paper-moon Photo-booths, stars, and a touch of romance and drama. This concept had evolved over the years as my own love story with my Husband unfolded, and it began to include our shared love of all things Cosmo's related, and antiques.  

With Venue, and concept afoot, I began seeking out local Vendors, one at a time, sharing the gospel of my weird ideas, and somehow getting everyone to agree to make those dreams a reality. 

As my 2nd in command, both for Photography, and lighting, I had Mitchel Vincent, who specializes in, "being better at everything", and thank goodness, because we created something truly unique to both of our styles. I assumed my always diligent, and ever talented Hair and Make-up artist (Victoria Stencil) would be on board, because frankly, I never give her the choice. The only obvious choice for Models to act out my dream, was my own Husband, and our two oldest children. Because I couldn't both direct, and star in this production, I basically found a prettier, skinnier, cooler version of myself to stand-in as bride. And if you're going to ask, directing my Husband with another Woman was not weird, in fact it was hilarious.

I always had dreams of all things Vintage, and Antique for a more Formal wedding, and I loved the idea of simply using real Antiques instead of new items meant to look old.  I asked American Antiques and Jewelry to lend us a hand with Diamonds, and other accessories, and also was able to rent Antique Silver platters, flatware, and Champagne buckets that would act as Vases for our Floral arrangements. The Diamonds we got were such a unbelievable touch, mixed metals  ranging from rose gold, to platinum, and dates from 1850-1930. 

I worked closely with Enchanted Floral, who helped me tie in many of the somewhat Masculine themes, in the most delicate, and feminine way, with their custom floral arrangements. They even made sweet little Boutineer, and a Floral Crown for my darling Flower girl! To tie in all of these vintage and floral elements I asked a fantastic new Special event Rental service, Ruby designs, to assist on Linens, sashes, chair covers, and table arrangements. Next I paired with the creative Guru's at Creations Galore, to put together Place card settings, Menu's, invitations, and sweet little card holders. My Obvious choice for Cake, was Monzu Bistro, who has cake so good, I'll eat it. That sounds lame, but you guys, I don't like cake. I only like Monzu cake! One of my most difficult tasks proved to be picking out a Bridal Gown, among the muriate of choices at Elaine's Bridal. Fortunately Their staff was able to pick up my mumbling, jello-y, body off of the floor, and find what would prove to be, truly the Element that tied everything together, the dress! 

With these Elements in place, I focused on Detail that would wow, and leave the viewer feeling like this was truly a custom experience. I asked a near and Dear friend of mine (Black Heart Knits and Craft) to whip up, what I am sure will be the most popular wedding favor of 2016, Mini Cross stitch Constellations.  We also had craft Cocktail connoisseur and owner of the Libertine, and Proof, on board to make some custom cocktails at The Meyers lovely Bar. And as if that isn't enough out of this already killer Venue, we had Chef Nicole Hoida, whipping up just small samples of the phenomenal catering services this place has to offer. And for the Record, I definitely Ate and Drank, duh. 

So, with all of the details out of the way, this was such a great time, each Vendor I worked with was integral to the shoot, and I would highly recommend any of these Vendors to my own clients, especially having been somewhat of the "Stressed out Bride", planning a giant ceremony. I felt such ease with everyone, they truly made it a masterpiece, all while supporting each-others arts.