Meet me in St. Louis!

On a personal note-

This past weekend, I headed South, to my Hometown of St. Louis Missouri! I am embarrassed to say, it has been nearly 5 years since I have made the trip, so I felt the immense need to reacquaint my children with our Family, our traditions, and the wide array of awesome activities that St. Louis has to offer. 

Because it has been a spell since I have been able to visit with family, the first thing on my agenda (2nd to eating Imo's Pizza!) was to just visit, and be with the family I have missed so dearly. I won't gloss over my family, and tell you we sipped Wine on the Veranda, and talked about our recent achievements, thats not how we operate. I can confidently say, I come from a long line of beautiful, outspoken, strong, and often vulgar Women, so when we are together, its just loud, and there is almost always Diet Coke, and lipstick, thats how we roll. 

Of course, there are the moments to be cherished, as we get out the family photo album, and awe over our memories, of loved one's who have passed, and make sure to point out every horrible haircut my Aunt Krissy has ever had. But its those surreal moments that I pause, and feel validated that my job is important. Photos are important, Photos are tangible proof of our memories, and it can bring us back to a place we haven't been in years. Photos can even evoke deep emotion that you would otherwise have no connection to. 


Of course, I am now invigorated, and want to keep continuing to document priceless snapshots into my own families life. So without further ado, allow me to bore ya'll, with my family vacation photos. ;) 

There You have it! A short, but meaningful journey, well remembered, and well documented. 

One day I hope my Children will cherish the photos I take, as much I cherish the effort my family took to do the same. Priceless. 

xo xo